Everything in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s world has a use. Nothing “is there just to be pretty”


"It's been a long wait, but Mirror's Edge Catalyst is almost here and it's bringing a raft of big changes to the world of Faith and the runners. The new Runner Vision will open up new paths and objects to traverse and a potential grappling hook will make zipping about the city of Glass even easier, but it's the jump to an open-world - complete with no loading screens - that's the most radical. In the latest issue of GamesMaster, DICE senior producer Sara Jansson explains that jump to a non-linear environment has had a profound effect on the city's overall design."

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N0TaB0T1542d ago

The game has a fantastic atmosphere and has the best use of cel shading, IMO.

annoyedgamer1542d ago

All talk, little to show, what else to expect from EA?

brish1542d ago

I expect:
- content removed to make DLC
- the game won't work on release
- any multiplayer features will be broken for months
- microtransactions
- amazing graphics in ads, mediocre graphics in game

I wonder if EA expects people to buy their games?

DoomeDx1542d ago

"- amazing graphics in ads, mediocre graphics in game "

Thats Ubisoft, not EA though :p A lot of EA games actually look good

brish1542d ago

"Thats Ubisoft, not EA though :p"

I was referring specifically to EA because of their "bullshots" of their sports games. EA UFC looked amazing ... in the ads, not so much in the game. Same for madden. Additionally EA got caught using screenshots from higher end platforms to market for their ps3, and xbox 360 versions of various sports games.

Davi1231542d ago

Seems promising, but i'm skeptical dear EA.