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Abash1178d ago

Hate on remasters all you want, but I cant wait to play BioShock and BioShock Infinite in 1080p on my PS4!

DarkOcelet1178d ago

You guys should really acknowledge Bioshock 2. Am i the only one who loved it as much as Infinte and 1?

Dark_Overlord1178d ago

Besides that Bioshock 2 was unnecessary, I think the MP is why most hate it, there was no need for it yet they just had to tack it in there :/

joab7771178d ago

Bioshock 2 is my favorite of all 3. The original will always have a more lasting impression b/c it was the 1st time entering Rapture, fighting Big Daddies, but B2 improved on everything (almost). My only gripe at all is that I wish the Big Sister was a final confrontation boss that harassed you throughout, as originally planned.

Bioshock I finite had an amzinging story etc. But it lacked a camera, lock pick game, and the ability to save at any moment. Hopefully they add this in somehow.

BEASELY1178d ago

Bioshock 2 MP was really good.. Nobody gave it a chance but it had a ton of personality, great maps and solid mechanics. There's still a hardcore following on 360 and my uncle has played it for years. I really hope they have it in this remaster.

76erz241178d ago

It was a good but not a great game like the two classics it's sandwiched between. It worked well as a follow up to the original masterpiece but had difficulty distinguishing itself as its own unique entry in the series.

Ciporta19801178d ago

No you are not I loved all 3 games although I do think 1 & 2 are the best ones.

Orbilator1178d ago

BioShock 2 is a marmite moment to be honest.. You either love it or god darn you hate it.

ninsigma1178d ago

I liked 2 better than 1. Felt like such an improvement over the first! I hope they make a new one back in rapture but the studio closed so probably won't happen :(

Concertoine1178d ago

I love Bioshock 2! It might be my favorite. The pinnacle of the series in terms of combat, what other game can you throw a bunch of mines on a sentry and turn it on to make it a suicide bomber. Or have your bees plant hives into the bodies of your enemies and throw them at more enemies.

Then look at infinite where you have two weapons and can't even hack anything. Hell, you can't pick locks anymore because they had to give that to Elizabeth to make her seem useful.

Story was meh but the locales were cool and it was refreshing to not have that epic Levine storytelling.

zidane13411178d ago

2s gameplay was miles ahead of one. The story wasn't, but at least the ending was better then the first. I love all of them.

bouzebbal1178d ago

Bioshock 2 is my favorite.. maybe because it's my first Bioshock i finish.

KwietStorm1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

2 was a huge disappointment for me. What sucks the most is I saw it coming months ahead of time, but I still bought it. The story was a weak rehash of the first, Sofia Lamb was just a lazy stand in for Andrew Ryan, and I didn't die once in my entire play through. I killed 3 Big Daddies at the same time without bread ng a sweat, while just one the first time in the first BioShock was a battle. Then, multiplayer. The whole game felt like BioShock: The Lost Levels, instead of BioShock 2. Completely a waste for me.

BattleAxe1178d ago

Looks like they're going to cash in, rather than making these two games backwards compatible :(

fanboysmackdown1178d ago

Nope, I am in agreement, 2 was awesome and improved on lots of things from 1. I liked the hacking way more in 2. Infinite.......could care less if that is in the package, didn't like it at all.

Wallow1178d ago

I think I even liked it more then the first.

VenomUK1178d ago

I loved the first game, it was so clever and original. I enjoyed Bioshock Infinite which had amazing art direction with the depiction of Columbia and those sky lines. I've never played Bioshock 2. I read a few comments criticising it as being unnecessary. But I have it free with PS Plus and have been tempted to play it but don't want it to diminish the original.

XBLSkull1178d ago

I only really liked the first, id pay $10 for a remaster of that. 2 was one of the biggest chores of a game to complete for me, it was better than 1 in all gameplay aspects but it just wasn't fun and the story was lame. Infinite was mediocre, and I really despised the extremely dated graphics of unreal3 in that game, I thought it looked really bad. I'm sure it'll only be in collection form so ill just have to keep my fond memories of bioshock 1. I don't think it would be as good of experience knowing the twist anyways. Good deal for bioshock first timers though.

BenRage31178d ago

Bioshock 2 may not have had the greatest story, compared to 1 & infinite, but gameplay wise, it's right up there.

n4rc1178d ago

nothing beats the first for me... one of the best games i remember playing.. will buy this collection simply for that..

i didnt like 2.. and infinite had plenty of gameplay shortcomings but the art and story was super cool.. i remember saying to myself "if they kill off Elizabeth, im throwing my controller" lol

MysticStrummer1178d ago

I bought Bioshock 2 cheap and never finished it. I may try again with this collection since I also never played Infinite. Loved the original Bioshock though.

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SimonSmith1178d ago

Bioshock 2 is the best game in the series, particularly for story and ending. I tear up every time I finish the game. But in reality they are all great games, I just hope Bioshock 2 would be included in this collection, fingers crossed.

donthate1178d ago

I liked Bioshock 1 & 2 better than Infinity. I felt Infinity wasn't very good at all despite all the hype.

I'm just hoping this isn't going to be another cheap port. The Dishonored Definite Edition port was a disappointment.

Orionsangel1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Bioshock 2 feels like DLC. It felt short as well as less important than the first game. The world is kind of depressing as well. Strange because it's in the same place but a different location. Yet I loved the vibe the first Bioshock gave me.

Germany71178d ago

I agree with you DarkOcelet, Bioshock 2 is a great game too.

DoppleGanger1178d ago

I loved Bioshock 2 was a great game

Fin_The_Human1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

BioShock 2 was just no... I didn't even finish it and I am big BioShock fan.

EeJLP-1177d ago

I remember 2 being the worst of the 3, as many have said, mainly due to the story. I remember it being annoying listening to that lady constantly, but overall the game was good and I'd definitely want it remastered in this collection, including the DLC, like Minerva's Den, which I heard was one of the best DLCs last gen, but I never played.

radaevia1177d ago

Bioshock 2 is my favorite one and i finished all 3 in the hardest level.
Playing as the "big daddy" on bioshock 2 and battling those "big sister" was amazing! fighting those 3 big sisters in the end made me shit my pants.

If you didn't give a chance to Bioshock 2 Multiplayer you are a sucker. I seriously stop playing COD, darksouls and a lot of other multiplayer games! i fell in love with bioshock 2 multiplayer it was so unique with tons of options and cool moments, maps were the best i ever seen in any MP game ever.

Please give bioshock 2 MP a chance you will never ever regret it! picking up that big daddy suits OMG i want to buy the remaster now!!!

SolidGear31177d ago

I love it. Especially Minerva's Den.

rainslacker1176d ago

I felt the fist was more atmospheric, likely because you were playing a regular person and not a big daddy. I actually felt more emotionally attached to the big daddy in 2, and by extension the little sister, but the atmosphere wasn't quite as moody since the Big Daddy was supposed to be there, while the human was not. That opening in part 2 was awesome though, and that may have something to do with it created mystery right from the get go. Gameplay wise, I think the first two were better than infinite, although infinite had great execution overall.

I do like the setting more in Infinite, and felt it was more of a juxtaposition of order and chaos between the environment and the character, and I am actually into that kind of thing.

All three were great, it's hard to really choose a favorite because they're all good in different ways, while still all being good in the same way throughout.

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joab7771178d ago

I have posted about this for 6 months. This is literally a dream come true. One of my all time favorite games.


Kingdomcome2471178d ago

Same here, man. This makes me incredibly happy.

Concertoine1178d ago

A ground-up remake would be a real dream come true.

BattleAxe1178d ago


You could have been playing the PC versions all this time, and been living the dream all along :)

deadpoolio3161178d ago

So your taking a South African website as fact now? Shouldn't we say I dunno wait for something official from 2K games before getting pumped about something, especially since these "leaks" generally end up being wrong

Kingdomcome2471178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

You are right, deadpoolio. I will say, though that I've never seen a single solitary positive comment from you. You're just about the rudest, most pessimistic person that I've encountered on this site. @Battleaxe- I may just speak for myself here, but the desire for a current gen Bioshock collection is more so about having these great games all in one place on current gen consoles. Any improvements would be great, but they're just the icing on an already delicious cake.

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Orbilator1178d ago

There's nothing to hate. Its really that last couple of games that hold me to my ps3. So ps3 is going to power off come November forever.

1178d ago
theXtReMe11178d ago

I couldnt agree more. Of any remaster, this is the ultimate! I loved the first game, but never played the second and Infinite. In 1080p, with higher res textures and a higher framerate... All of the Bioshock games will be heavenly.

Cant wait!

bwoodling1178d ago

Definitely! Considering I haven't played them yet! :D

Kingdomcome2471178d ago

Ooohhh, you're in for a treat, my friend! Bioshock 1 is my all time favorite game, with Infinite also falling within my top ten.

Benchm4rk1177d ago

I started to play Bioshock 1 but not being able to change the control settings to Legacy Sticks really made it hard for me. Sucks though. Game looked amazing and everyone i know thats played it says it is. Wonder if they could add support for different control types. I dont see why it is still a problem in 2015. Ubisoft are bad for it too. Main reason i never kept playing Far Cry 4 past the first hour or 2.

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PhucSeeker1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Or you could buy PC ver if you can't wait, lol.
And they're freaking cheap too.

calvincrack1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Bingo but hopefully they do some tweaks on BioShock 1 and rerelease it on steam because the game has lots of little issues playing on modern systems. Audio glitches mainly and some people have trouble getting the game to even start

Edit: and hopefully if they rerelease Bioshock 2 it will freshen up the multiplayer servers because ive never gotten to experience it and heard it is great.

StrawberryDiesel4201178d ago

Totally agree, this is a remaster that would really benefit from a bump to 60fps besides the resolution increase to 1080p. Hopefully we get that as well.

3-4-51178d ago

Never got into these games but a collection might do it.

What do you actually do in these games, just solve puzzles and unravel a mystery or something ?

Kingdomcome2471178d ago

Some of the most compelling stories in gaming, and some of the most memorable settings too. Ken Levine won GI's writer of the decade for Bioshock 1 alone. Great in depth gameplay, and amazing characters. These games are all-time classics, and truly the total gaming package. When you first descend into Rapture, and ascend into Columbia, you'll know that you're in for something truly special. Now, "Would you kindly", play these games?

Bewareofsasquatchh1178d ago ShowReplies(2)
MazzingerZ1178d ago

For me is not a good reason to re-pruchase them...nice games but play-once type for me. Too much back-tracking. I didn't even finish B3...characters never developed, no connection or whatsoever

Good for those that likes the series or haven't play them. Enjoyable games with great production values regardless of my personal preferences.

I'm just too old maybe...not much free time so when I play I want to play, not to do the same thing I did the day before where I left off the game....

Magicite1178d ago

I hope these are remasters not just mere ports.

DoomeDx1178d ago

Its only a retailer that says it.

Calm down. Those rumors are fake 90% of the time.

vegasdawg711178d ago

Some games deserve a remaster and Bioshock being one of the best games ever, would be one of them, subjective as that is.

showtimefolks1178d ago

People can hate on remasters or remakes all they but if you are not interested than don't buy them. It's not like there are no new games releasing every month

but like anything people just need to hate on something

and 99.9% of the times its an external studio doing the remasters so in a way they get their foot into development doors and maybe down the road that will lead to a publisher signing them for developing a game

I also hope we get Shenmue 1 and 2 HD remaster. I am surprised it hasn't bee announced, this is the perfect time to release both games in a HD collection(maybe playstation event type announcement)

Orionsangel1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

It's on PC in 1080p. Whoopy. I liked it and I loved the world, but I was expecting a little more awe and wonderment in the game. Some exploration and discovery. We got that for the first hour, but then it turns into kill kill kill! Just another typical FPS of killing waves of enemies over and over again. I'm not 12 years old anymore. They did manage to fit a story in there. I wanted more of that.

avengers19781178d ago

Awesome, can't wait. Loved Bioshock franchise.

Locknuts1177d ago

played it at 1080p 60fps many years ago....

CanadianTurtle1177d ago

Why do people all of a sudden want to play it on their PS4? Just because it's in 1080p 60fps? Really? Did you guys miss out on it on the PS3/360? If so, then I understand. But why would you want to purchase the game again for such minor changes...

Jumper091177d ago

You should just get a PC....

MeliMel1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Cant wait to play Bioshock in 1080p on my Xbox One! Haha..

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sonerone1178d ago

Well... Seems like uncharted remaster won't be my last one after all :)

Spyroo1178d ago

Dude don't miss out Gravity Rush Remaster if you haven't played it before

sonerone1178d ago

I have, and can't wait for GR2, will be awesome :)

Raider691178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

What about the rumor Batman collection,rumor stated this year too.I hope!

Rookie_Monster1178d ago

The bioshock games are also going to be BC on XB1 as well so at least Take 2 is giving options to XB1 gamers to choose.

Orbilator1178d ago

What lo quality or a nice HD remaster hmmmm let me think. Really there is no choice for any one who loves BioShock and has an Xbox one. BC is a niche thing and whilst it appeals to some folk as PlayStation now does I would be supprised if 80 - 90 % of users ever go near BC or NOW

MasterCornholio1178d ago

1080P 60FPS is probably what the remasters will run at. I actually wouldn't mind buying the collection even though I played all three games.

Rookie_Monster1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Unlike the PS2/xbox days, those last gen games are already at 720p so it already look good on HD TV and I have all three Bioshock still on disc so what is the point for someone like me shelling out $60 for the same game when I have BC option on my console? I can use that money towards new games like Fallout 4 or Tomb Raider in November Instead.

Unless it is more like Gears Ultimate where they pack new textures rebuilt from the grounds up, new cinematics and include additional levels and new MP mode, then bumping the resolution or fps is something I can do cheaper with buying it off steam on my PC rig instead.

I am glad Take 2 is giving XB1 players option with BC or the remaster. That is all I am saying and who don't like options??

thelwebb1001178d ago

BC gives us MORE choices as a gamer and if you're against more options then your simply not a real gamer.

DigitalRaptor1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Curious... are you going to mention this in every single remaster article? It almost seems like you're trying to stealthily prove a point or something. Take 2 are more concerned about making money off the Xbox audience than providing options, that is why they are selling it. No publisher wants to compete against their own products.

Personally, I'll always appreciate a finely enhanced remaster of a classic game over BC, especially if it happens to be running at 60fps and at the noticeably crisper and detailed 1080p, but that is my money to spend. I have my old consoles, because why get rid of something that provided so many memories? You make it seem like saving money on not buying BioShock Collection is not a choice at all. Even though it completely is.

Good god Rookie.

Where did I say anything about BioShock games not being on the Xbone BC list? Where did I say it? Nowhere. I said that Take 2 are selling you the remastered collection because they hope to make money from those who own an Xbone. That is the priority of any company before offering choices. Did I not clearly state that? Or did you miss that too?

And wow, do you have a spreadsheet matrix of my comments and note down where and when I say things? I'm not sure what's worse. You hunting down a comment I made over 2 years ago which had me SPECULATING about what Gaikai might be able to offer the PS4 in terms of BC. Or you actually trying to act like it's connected to me "changing my tune".

Before any of my comment... I wrote the words "I think", which clearly means I wasn't positive and it was pure speculation. Notice what i said there was all hopeful and speculative. Did you miss where I said "And if not, then tough gravy i guess." ?? YEP, you missed that. I said nothing about re-buying games being a bad thing, because I was buying remasters last generation too.

Nope - my tune was the same then as it was now in regards to my appreciation of remastered games that offer good value, better resolution and frame rate. It's only you that is reaching as far as you can to try and make it seem different.

On another note, I don't know what I was smoking when I wrote "Do they want to mess this all up AT ALL?"..... how could Sony mess up by not offering BC and by presenting their games in remastered form on the PS4? Clearly I was wrong there, cause I don't see any mess. I see games.