Uncharted Drake's Fortune PS4 Visual Analysis: Comparison With PS3 Version Reveals Graphical Updates

Bluepoint Games continues to display its current gen chops by revamping the PS3 classic.

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Yo Mama1125d ago

I couldn't finish the video. That guys voice was too annoying. Hey dude, is "BluePOINT" games, not Blueprint games. And Elena (A- lay- na) not (Ellen-na). Jeez.

NukaCola1125d ago

LoL, heard that too 5:38 in. No editor I guess.

shloobmm31125d ago

at around 3:40 i think he is trying to say Dynamically or something a long those lines and he says dymatically whatever that is.

xHeavYx1125d ago

Not sure why you guys are surprised about the quality, it's a Gamingbolt article.
Can't wait for these games though.

starchild1125d ago

Foliage is also pronounced as foilage by this guy. Haha

KING851125d ago

I agree. I got a little past a minute and had to stop watching. I understand he wants to engage the listener, but his voice is grating to the ear.

egidem1125d ago

I stopped at the 1:57 mark...I thought I was the only one!

PizzaSteve1125d ago

Did you just copy the same comment from youtube comments? Anyway give the guy a break he's trying.

HaveAsandwich1125d ago

if this guy can be involved in the gaming industry, anyone can.

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Genuine-User1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Blueprint games? lol

The narrator sounds like a salesman. The cartoon kind.

However, it's a decent attempt.

ape0071125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

that's awesome news for me cause i haven't played uncharted 3....

can't wait

these remasters are awesome for people who never played them or people that didn't own a ps3

im sure these new ps4 owners would be completely blown away by Uncharted 2, it still look good on ps3 to this day

starchild1125d ago

True. And for big Uncharted fans like me it's a chance to experience these games again with higher graphical fidelity and smoother framerates.

Tru_Blu1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Ya I already got the platinum trophies on all 3 of them but still want it, just not at the $60 mark. I'm sure around black Friday I'll be able to find a good deal and pull the trigger, It'll be a nice refresher right before 4 drops.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1125d ago

Nice visual improvement. The animations are the only thing that give it away as a last gen game. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Drake's Fortune was the only one I was worried about. If they updated the controls that would be excellent.

StrawberryDiesel4201125d ago

The fact that they fixed the screen tearing is amazing.

starchild1125d ago

I was going to say the same thing. The lack of screen tearing alone is a significant improvement.

WeAreLegion1125d ago

You know those ads they play at GameStop with the hosts who sound like they don't actually like video games and are trying to make money doing something they hate?

Yeah. That's what happened here.

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The story is too old to be commented.