Octolings Playable in splatoon from leak

A new leak that seems 100% real has emerged from NWPlayer123. It shows octalings, being playable and there will be a update that will alse have other content.
This also suggests a new direct, that i think is going to happen when they launch the Mario maker smash level.
There are also going to be new amiibo for the octoling,Callie and Marie so if you like amiibo your gonna be dying with hype right now.
tell me what you think in the comments if your exited.

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DiscoKid1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

This article is horrible. There is no source and the editing is bad.

Anyway, the game could use more visual additions, so I would welcome Octolings!

3-4-51150d ago

I agree.

A 10 year old child could have written this and done a much better job.

Not even trying to hate, but this "article" is basically a glorified Facebook/twitter post.

kamikazilucas1150d ago

i really know what you mean by editing, with words, but in this site you dont source.
and also nintendo took down the video

Smokeeye1231150d ago

Article is bad but the story is true, check the dudes twitter.