Rainbow 6 Siege: Why 11 maps is a clear sign the game has been rushed

As if Rainbow 6 Siege needed another hiccup, recent news that the game will ship with only a handful of maps will undoubtedly make fans reconsider the value of the finished product. During an interview with PC Gamer, Rainbow 6 level designer, Benoit Deschamps, discussed how the team had whittled down 50 map concepts to a just 11 maps that will launch with the game. After a bit of fan backlash, Ubisoft clarified the statement saying that all maps were playable both day and night and that all future maps will be downloadable for free.

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TheJacksonRGN1545d ago

50 concepts. Do you not realize that many things in the concept phase don't ever see the light of day unless an art book comes out? Or a behind-the-scenes.

You think games that launch with 15 or 20 maps, only had 15 or 20 concepts? No I'm sure the numbers are much higher.

RB6: Siege isn't a mp only shooter, it will have a single player component. Ubisoft already confirmed that. They are focusing more on the mp but they is a campaign that you can play solo.

eyeDEVOUR1545d ago

Agreed.... Not only that but the maps will probably be built around multiple game modes for each map.

hiredhelp1545d ago

Agreed please dont try to bring another game down by silly headlines.

TheColbertinator1544d ago

Just as long as the SP and co op is good

bondsmx1544d ago

There is a whole lot of misinformation in that article. And a whole bunch of what ifs, and maybe's, much to much for my liking. Smells fishy to me. Clickbait?