Halo 3 for the PC Confirmed?

Thanks to Simon Hutchinson who sent in an image he got from the Microsoft Download Service. Either someone over there has a sense of humor or Halo 3 is going to be coming to the PC.

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Le-mo4315d ago

It's bound to come sooner or later.

morganfell4315d ago

And guess who is doing the conversion - Gearbox.

f7897904315d ago

Since I have a gaming pc, the 360 didn't have enough games to convince me to buy one and I bought a PS3.

SuperM4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

Yepp, same here. Have Mass Effect, Bioshock and Gears of War on my pc. So yeah, not many games left to convince me buying an xbox... so ps3 was the obvious choice.

If halo comes on the pc aswell then gears 2 will be more or less the only reason for me to get a 360.

Lew_Ijgee4315d ago

If Halo 3 is coming to PC then I think it's save to say that eventually Gears 2 will as well. There is an obvious trend.

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Alexander Roy4315d ago

Doesn't take a rocket scíentist to figure that out. MSFT only want's to make more money with selling the game to more people. Can't blame them.

yankeespawn4314d ago

Dont worry this doesnt mean Gears of War 2 is coming to the PC

so remeber to buy a 360! Its exclusive

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DarkBlade4315d ago

Do i need a awesome computer to run it, i hope not i got a junky computer.

DarkBlade4315d ago

It's still microsoft they don't lose they gain more lol. It still exclusive to MS.

f7897904315d ago

For $500 you could play and game to date including Crysis. Get all the parts off of

DarkBlade4315d ago

yea i know but right now i don't got 500 buck to build one. well maybe i can get it from my dad. let see

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bumnut4315d ago

this will not sell well on pc

Fishy Fingers4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

Why wouldnt it? I think you'd be surprised, with some tweeks here and there to the graphics/gameplay and I think a lot of people would be happy to have this as part of their PC collection.

Long shot - But allowing Mods could make Halo 3 huge on the PC. Id certainly buy it again.

Charmers4315d ago

We have already seen how "well" Halo sells on the PC. The PC has been unfortunate enough to be the recipient of both Halo 1 and Halo 2 both died without so much of a ripple in the grand scheme of things, I would put good money on Halo 3 hitting the bargain bins 10secs after release. I know I am certainly not going to bother with it, I learnt my lesson after Halo 1.

silverchode4315d ago

piracy will kill game sales for pc.

Charmers4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

It wasn't piracy that killed sales of Halo on the PC. It was the fact there are far better shooters on the PC. When Halo 1 was released on the PC it already looked ugly and there were far superior games graphically out on the PC.

When they got around to making Halo 2 on the PC, they gimped it so it would only run on Vista it looked MASSIVELY out of date. As far as I can remember Halo 2 didn't even get pirated all that extensively, PC gamers are just not interested in Halo

It will be the same with Halo 3 it just won't sell and it won't be down to piracy either. When you have games like Crysis and Stalker there is no need for a game like Halo 3.

It will NOT be piracy that makes Halo 3 sell badly it will be PC gamers that are totally disinterested in the franchise. However I am sure they will blame piracy, that seems to be the number one scapegoat these days.

sak5004315d ago

Lets see how many ps3 fans who ridiculed halo3 will come now saying they'll buy it for pc. I think pc version will not sell half as many as 360 cuz the real fans already bought it and its more fun playing on big screen HDtvs then drooping over keyboard and 19" inch monitors.

Also it will be available on torrents few days before actual launch so there wont be incentives for casuals to go and pay for it.

The only good thing would be that since it will be games for windows and online play will be free for pc and they might make it same for 360.

dro4314d ago

wanna get high? and dont forget to bring a towel when playing games!!

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