Top 5 Emotional Games - MiiDylan

Video games are typically always about being fun but along the way as video games got bigger some developers decided to try doing something more, by taking the gamers on an emotional trip.

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Paytaa1540d ago

When you go into TLOU with no knowledge of what's going to happen next, the first 20 minutes hits like a truck.

Even the scene where Joel and Tommy go chasing after Ellie after she stole the horse, the confrontation between her and Joel did make me tear up to be completely honest. We need more games that can pull off that sort of emotional attachment.

miidylan1540d ago

Sadly not a lot of games manage to do such emotional attachment and the few games that do end up really leaving an impact.

donwel1539d ago

No pong? That game was emotional AF.
A good list though.
I found parts of the DanganRonpa games to be quite emotional specifically the parts with Sayaka Maizono from DR1, that shit teaches you to not get attached to any characters in that series fairly quickly. It's like a goddamn blood bath by the end of it.
Oh and Persona 4 when Nanako ends up in hospital, I swear that's the first time I've ever shed a tear over a game. Fantastic writing.