Forza Motorsport 6 Beats Project CARS as The Best Racing Game This Gen

Forza Motorsport 6 is the new kid on the block and comes in as the king of racers leaving the likes of Project CARS and Driveclub in its wake.

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suckingeggs1177d ago

'so far' this gen...this gen is nowhere near over only 2 years in and plenty more racing games to come

Well done turn 10

freshslicepizza1177d ago

which is why competition is key.

KionicWarlord2221177d ago

Yeah its been two years with Playground games and Turn 10 delivering the best racing games.

This will continue as this generation moves forward.

nX1177d ago

This will continue until the real king of the genre returns.

Dlacy13g1177d ago

@nX yes when a new Burnout game comes it will be king.

TheGreatGamer1177d ago

Still many great and innovative racing games to come I'm sure but as thing stand right now, Forza 6 is king.

gfk3421177d ago

I TOTALLY disagree!

We are talking about a SIM racer.

Forza cannot be king until it has dynamic lighting, dynamic weather and dynamic day/night cycle.

Turn 10 cut corners!

You people, as gamers agree with this practice?!!

We are paying $60 for a game, wityo our hard worked money. Wouldn't you like to have the best production value from a game?

You are praising Turn 10 for what?

What they basically did with Forza 6 was to take Forza 5 and add some tracks, cars and 6-7 tracks that could be played in rain OR night (they cannot be played together).

At least Project Cars has ALL the features that a SIM racing game should have!

Thus Forza 6 cannot be compared with Project Cars due to the LACK of features. GT5 a last gen game has more features than Forza 6.

So NO, Forza 6 cannot be seen as king of racing games.

In addition, the author did a comparison with the X1 version of Project Cars. He should have made a comparison with the PS4 version of PC, which is 1080pp.

Bigpappy1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

That has already been done and FMS6 still kicks butt there too. Just give it up my friend. There really is nothing on the PS4 that can touch FMS6 at the moment. Wait for GT7 and then you may have something to show. As of right now its best to move on to a different topic.

derrickgott0071177d ago

100% agree. ProjectCARS on PS4 is the best racing game I've ever played and I've played damn near every racing game there is.

star_lancer1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

"Forza cannot be king until it has dynamic lighting, dynamic weather and dynamic day/night cycle."

Typical desperate comment. Find small things that a game is missing and treat them as if they are the most important features in the game in order to downplay it.

I see you keep spreading the same BS over and over. I can't believe that a successful Xbox One Game makes you feel so threatened and insecure.

Dynamic lighting - who cares?? How much does the sun move in the sky over the course of a 5-10 minute race?

Dynamic day/night cycle - who cares?? Unless of course you are going to sit in front of your console for 8-12 hours STRAIGHT playing ONE race.

Perhaps you think it's realistic for it to be bright and sunny one minute, pouring rain the next, then dark of night at the end.

Since you keep mentioning GT5, what about GT5's damage system that didn't take full effect until level 20. Does a car crashing into a wall at the end of a career do more damage than a crash at the beginning? Apparently that's what "realism" is to you. Your level of hypocrisy is absolutely staggering. You are nothing more than a typical "Sony is perfect and MS is always wrong" hater.

mark_parch1176d ago

so basically you havn't even played forza 6, because if you had you would know it is without a shadow of doubt the best racing game. pretty much every single review of the game backs this up. dynamic weather makes sense in a game like horizon but why in motorsport the average race only lasts 5 min how much is the weather going to change in that time. they instead spent thier time doing new things that actually affect the dynamic of the race like 3d puddles

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sammarshall1021177d ago

Yep, Forza 6 is in a league of its own

vinniects1177d ago

project cars is the worst game I have purchased or played this generation

patriotZero1177d ago

i agree, worst career mode ever.

Dlacy13g1177d ago

Yeah career mode in Project Cars is a bit of a pile of poop.

Dee_911177d ago

Yea, game is pretty much unplayable with controller, really good with a wheel, but I'm not buying a new wheel for my ps4 yet. Its clear to me they used the same assets from shift 2 judging by the same stupid input delay with the controller.

But regarding actual gameplay, it's not hard to beat this game as best sim- racer this gen. F6 has much more content.

hiawa231177d ago

I thought it was me when I was playing PC. Could not keep the car on the road with a controller, and like u not buying a wheel.

derrickgott0071177d ago

ProjectCARS is amazing once YOU SET UP THE CONTROLLER. It's a Sim game, not a hand holdy baby game.... Forza6 will damn near play itself with its steering assists, throttle assists, stability control and traction controls. When did learning how to properly play a game become bad? People are trying to fault ProjectCARS for their lack of learning how to play the game.

Dee_911177d ago

I set up the controller, plenty of times. But the fact of the matter is, a car shouldn't be harder to control with a controller than with a wheel. I have no problems playing this game with a wheel on my pc. Its a great simulator.
Pcars has some those assists too, luckily in both you can turn them off. I haven't played Forza 6, but I have a friend who knows what to look for in a sim and he told me f6 is just as good as AC and Pcars in that department for the most part.

BallsEye1177d ago

But teh graphics!
That's how it turns out when all n4g community cares for is how the game looks on still shots.
Graphics hype sold it.
Forza horizon beats every single racing game in terms of content / gameplay (hundreds of cars, tons of modifications, amazing online gameplay, thousands of miles of drivable area).

hiawa231177d ago

I really did not like DC or PC, but loving Forza6.

Hoffmann1177d ago

I agreed because I think its dumb to hit the disagree button when another gamer here states what his personal favourite games are.

Dee_911177d ago

I disagreed with you because I agreed with you.

hiawa231177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I agree with that, Hoffmann..

lolosgolos1177d ago

Yes yes it is. There is no doubt about it, even the usual better is subjective or objective comments are irrelevant at this point. Forza is king today

sammarshall1021177d ago

I concur, nothing comes close to Forza 6 as far as the complete racing experience

Unique car selection: check
Great gameplay: check
Great graphics: check
Flawless framerate: check
Great presentation: check
Fun to play: check

snoopgg1177d ago

graphics aren't great check! they are only passable!