Digital Foundry vs Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a bizarre concoction, but one that leaves a good lasting impression. It's a sleeper hit with serious tech credentials to start, blending Heavy Rain's branching narrative design with Guerilla Games' latest engine - producing a superb physically-lit woodland and cabin setting. As a PS4 title it's a satisfying visual package, and its legacy on last-gen hardware is rarely on show - that is, outside of some unusual performance levels, suggesting the transition to current-gen hasn't been easy. The game's main disappointment is in its frame-rate, often ticking over at the lower end of the 20-40fps range.

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corroios1545d ago

People talk to much about rez and frames. This a cinematic game.

suckingeggs1545d ago

Cinematic sleeper hit.. Play this with your girlfriend sitting beside you...after she will cuddle you all night

Favourite game this gen so far

miyamoto1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Did frame rate drops stopped Resident Evil and Silent Hill from being universally acclaimed instant classic survival horror mega hit games?

The same goes for Until Dawn. The survival horror genre of video games needs some good ass kicking this generation and Until Dawn is that game. Even Hollywood is turning their heads again like they did with The Last of Us last gen.

yarbie10001545d ago

It has cinematic frame-rates.

Genuine-User1545d ago

That is an inflammatory comment, if I ever saw one.

You could have discussed its technicalities, flaws and achievements or even your personal impressions. But I guess not.

Juangie31545d ago

Exactly and the frame rate does not hinder the experience and fun.

UkrainianWarrior1545d ago

Xbox hater says people talk too much about rez and framerate when the ps4 isn't running smoothly? How convenient..

nosferatuzodd1544d ago

OH look it Urkranian hater at it AGAIN..

Tzuno1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

This is what they do man , they are specialized in those kind of tests. Anyway what's with all those castor teeth and smile, all of them have that weird teeth and smile a la castor.

rainslacker1543d ago

This wasn't a typical action game with explosions(well there were a few) and quick moving cameras. Even if it maintained a 20 fps throughout, I doubt anyone would notice because of no shaky cam, no sweeping camera shots, and even the running shots were from the close up perspective in typical horror movie style.

Outside of some rare moments where the actual texture/lighting quality dropped, which was made jarring due to how good it looked otherwise, and one technical screen glitch I only saw once, and a few randomly placed awkward animations, this game was rock solid in the graphics and frame rate least perceptually.

I suppose if I was playing with testing equipment measuring each frame I'd think different...but somehow that might kill the experience of the game.

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Genuine-User1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Until Dawn is a visual treat. There are so many scenes where I just stop and appreciate the meticulously detailed world and characters.

PhucSeeker1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

And because of that beautiful visual, it has a price to pay which is lower framerate in busier scenes.

Septic1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Definitely need to get it. Shame about the frame rate.

rainslacker1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

The close ups of the characters were absolutely perfect. Beautiful work there. Teeth could have used a bit more care though.:)

The game play models could be hit or miss at times depending on the lighting. Sometimes they were great, others they were kind of like late last gen stuff(TLOU quality which isn't bad).

Environment was almost always great, although some of the "props" weren't as detailed and if you were really exploring they could stand out like a sore thumb.

Overall though, it's an amazing looking game, and beyond that, it built up tension throughout, had a decent story for a horror trope genre, good acting overall, and generally just a unique experience in the genre that has to be experienced to be appreciated. No review has really given it justice on the experience part yet.

@nei and Septic

This game is fine at the frame rate. Your camera never moves fast enough for it to be an issue, and animations are only awkward from their key-framing, not the frame rate itself, and even then it's rare.

1545d ago
JMaine5181545d ago

Yea this is exactly what I expected from the DF analysis. During my play through I felt the frame rates dipping and being all over the place. Still didn't change the fact that the game overall is great.

robtion1545d ago

Honestly frame rate is almost irrelivent for a game like this. It's not online, MP, or a twitch shooter.

It is a fantastic looking game, and a fun ride.

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