Eurogamer Preview: Pure

Eurogamer reports:

''Pure is keen to impress. Due for release at a time when most of the heavyweight racing brands are having a little nap on the hard shoulder, the game developed about 300 metres from our office in Brighton hopes to turn a few heads with a monstrously hectic brand of vertiginous, trick-focused off-road racing.

It's a game that demands your attention with fast pace, high jumps, massive air, the obligatory 'sick' tricks, huge boosts and, of course, high scores. It's an excitable formula that makes it tough to talk about Pure without sounding like a tartrazonic teenager. But in the hands of a studio as evidently capable as Black Rock, initial reservations melt away in a blur of technical prowess, improbable stunts and riotous action. Treated to a near-finished build of the blistering 360 version, we motored through some of the early highlights, trying out the three game modes and taking in the diverse locations.''

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