The Day My Elderly German Landlord Caught Me Killing Nazis in Wolfenstein: The New Order

The Games Cabin's Chris recently sat down to play Wolfenstein: The New Order... With his elderly German landlord.

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ninjahunter1545d ago

Thats cute. I think the idea that games are made for fun escapes a few too many people, player or observer.

TFJWM1545d ago

Ya neat story. I don't think people realize how many Germans hate/hated the Nazis.

Muadiib1544d ago

Unfortunately not enough to do anything about it, that's a lesson for us all, especially with the direction the USA are currently going methinks.

Immorals1544d ago

My gran was a nurse in the Luftwaffe based in Dresden (was there when we firebombed the hell out of it!).

She was definitely not a Nazi, hated them!

saladthieves1544d ago

This was an awesome story to read.

"I’m not sure that’s the best way to describe the situation, but he certainly didn’t seem disgusted but instead was intrigued at the notion that you could sit down and shoot Nazis all day long."


HakatoX1544d ago

That was a great little read!
So refreshing to read an upbeat story of cultural growth discovered through videogames.

chrish19901544d ago

Thanks! I wasn't sure how well it would go down, but it's something a little different to cleanse ones palette after all the Tokyo news

NarooN1544d ago

Awesome and fun articles. Always nice to see people from older generations bonding with people from the newer generations. Sigfried sounds like a cool guy :).

chrish19901544d ago

He's pretty wicked. I think it might actually make a fun video to record him playing Nazi zombies, if his wife allows it...

The7Reaper1544d ago

I thought it would end up being the landlord getting passed and pretty much kicking him out but nope that was pretty cool story