Ace Attorney 6 Hands-On Preview (GameRevolution) [TGS 2015]

"Capcom's popular puzzle/visual-novel hybrid series follows the adventures of Phoenix Wright as he improves his skills as a defense attorney and brings justice to victims of an inept and often cruel criminal justice system. But Ace Attorney 6 has Phoenix doing his lawyering in the country of Kline—a land where the courts are essentially run by the dead." -GR

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knifefight1542d ago

Well that's taking the series to...uuuhhh...interesting places.

Feriku1541d ago

Kline? The other translations I've seen have called it Kurain.

DiscoKid1541d ago

Spirit calling in the court? Sounds like it can bring interesting cases.

Erogemaster21541d ago

As if they havent done this before.

ayushchandra1539d ago

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