Final Fantasy XV Chocobo Riding and Fishing Revealed, First Footage

During Square Enix's Final Fantasy Active Time Report tonight at Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix officially confirmed that the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy XV will feature chocobo riding and fishing.

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DarkOcelet1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Look at dem feathers. They look so good and damn, the Chocobos are real fast. The graphics in this game is insanely good for an Open World. I am impressed.

Magicite1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

damn! you can basically move everywhere with chocobo!
And FF games always set visual benchmarks.

killacal131124d ago

It is going to be released next year right?

alti1124d ago

yep! my only hope is that between then and now I don't see the ifrit and shiva summons. The temptation will be absolutely enormous to click those vids, but I want to stay ignorant and experience it as it happens.

But I'll watch this... chocobo riding and fishing is not the same shocker seeing a summon for the first time is.

alti1124d ago

I just ate ramen... so... basically... the end of that vid looked tastier than my life.

Spurg1124d ago

The fishing reminds me of breath of fire 4's fishing

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