Gamer 2.0 Review: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

Gamer 2.0 reports:

''The original Geometry Wars Retro Evolved game was truly an instant classic the moment it hit Xbox Live Arcade. Spawning numerous sequels and becoming one of the most popular downloadable games on all of Xbox Live Arcade, Bizarre Creations didn't let the excitement and popularity of the game end there. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 encompasses everything that made the first game so great, but adds its own blend of originality and innovations. It is not only as good as the first, it is a whole lot better.

For those games who have never played Geometry Wars, or any of its subsequent spin-offs (shame on you!), the game is easy enough to pick up and play. There are only two basic functions necessary to complete when playing, shooting and moving. Using the left analog stick players move around your little flying ship while the right analog stick fires in the direction you are facing. Pressing the right trigger button will unleash bombs that destroy everything in your path. Simplicity aside, the game's popularity stems from the fact that no two games are ever identical, the game runs on a random sequence, meaning enemies will never respawn in the same area twice, and the game plays out accordingly to how well you perform. The better you are, the harder the difficulty will ramp up.

But instead of just offering more of the same, which is no reason to complain, Bizarre Creations has included five brand new modes, along with the original Retro Evolved mode, as well as co-op to offer the most complete package yet. The single player mode encompasses six different modes that each offers up unique and entirely addicting modes of play. All of them can be unlocked through one sit-down of playing, and after which can be chosen by your own free will. The six modes cater the difficulties to certain players, and some modes will leave you screaming at your television for hours (damn you Pacifism!), but needless to say it is all very good fun. A unique new twist in the gameplay has enemies dropping geoms when they are destroyed. These little green balls act as points that can be traded in to upgrade your ship in co-op modes. These geoms make gameplay more invigorating as you have to decide whether to gather up all the loot or stay alive.''

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