New 3D Motion-Sensor TV Remote Unveils At CES 2007

A seachange for remote control technology may be this new bracelet-shaped device TV remote control that uses 3D motion-sensor technology.

US-based Hillcrest Labs has developed a new type of TV remote control. The Loop uses motion-sensing technology; you simply wave it in front of the TV to change channels.

The ring-like object uses what Hillcrest Labs is calling "Freespace motion technology", and has just two buttons and a control wheel.

It seems to us to be very similar to Nintendo's Wii remote. The real question, we imagine, is whether or not waving a remote control is easier than pushing a button.

The Loop will be on show at CES, the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, in January. No word on a local release yet.

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untouchable4348d ago

Whats wrong with the ones we have right now?

ChickeyCantor4348d ago

>_< Wii mot was made for those who cant game with all those buttons!
if you dont know how a tv remote works then you are an idiot!