Xbox Head Discusses Why Final Fantasy 14 is Not on Xbox One

Square Enix's reborn MMO Final Fantasy XIV has been available on PlayStation 4 for some time now, but no announcement has been made regarding whether or not it will eventually come to the Xbox One.

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SpaceRanger1123d ago

"It's business"

Yeah, business on MS's part, not the other platforms.
I like how he conveniently swept under the rug the fact that one of the reasons it's not on the Xbox One is because MS isn't open to cross platform gameplay with the PS4 being involved.

And to top it off he starts rambling off on third party exclusivity, followed by contradicting himself with talking about ROTR.

Overall the article was written very strangely with little to no important info. Just an excerpt or two.

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Kiwi661123d ago

Do you think that Sony would be open to crossplay with Xbox one

ritchi451123d ago

They already allow crossplay with pc and wii (some chess game if I remember correctly), so it's a possibility sure. Doubt MS would allow it though. It would be the first steps to creating a unified gaming platform for everyone to play with/against

Viryu1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

FFXIV is done by Square, and from what the people behind the game were saying, they were looking into bringing the game on Xboxs' as well.

So Square is definitely open for it. For Sony, I think there was once such a comment from them, but it was in early 2014 from what I vaguely remember.

vanity291123d ago

YoshiP said openly that he tried to get ffxiv on xbox just to be rejected. If he went into discussions, sounds like Sony has no problem with it.

johndoe112111123d ago

Sony has already stated that they are open to cross play with all platforms.

loopygames1123d ago

-Skype on Vita
-Crackle on Xbox

-Steamworks on PS3 (Portal 2, CS GO)

-Cross Play with Wii U (Pure Chess)

-Rocket League

It doesn't seem like Sony would be against crossplay with Xbox One if Microsoft is willing to allow it.

nitus101123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Can't see why not since it is Square/Enix's servers, all you need to do is make an account, pay your subscription and login. Basically the server concept is similar to what World of Warcraft and Guild Wars have except GW is free of a subscription.

From what I can gather Microsoft want's control of the servers that the game on the Xbox will connect too and I am quite sure S/E is not having a bar of that.

It is possible that WoW may come to the PS4 and the XB1 which should show if Sony and/or Microsoft are happy not to be in control of the servers.

djplonker1123d ago

Final fantasy xi is cross play between pc/360/ps2 so it has been done before.

SlyFoxC1122d ago

@ loopygames

The reason Skype and Minecraft (yes now owned by MS) are still on other platforms is because it was already there before it was bought-out.

If MS would have bought MC before it came out on PS3, it would have never been on a PS device. Which is the same reason it is going to stay on all devices. Maybe with the next release of consoles it will be a MS/PC only.

Crackle is a whole different cookie it self. they could care less where Crackle goes because the still get paid, via ads, regardless of what platform.

it all comes down to money.

deadpoolio3161122d ago

You mean the FACT that Sony IS/WAS open to cross platform at the time FFXIV was being developed, and MS was NOT...Again FACT Square already talked about why FFXIV wasn't on Xbox on and the EXACT reason stated was that MS wasn't open to cross platform and told square that Xbox players needed to have their own closed community....

Again FACTS, not just random crap people have made up....Other developers have even talked about how willing Sony is to allow cross platform

Condemnedman1122d ago

Of course Sony does nothing wrong they are untouchable in n4g land 😕

TheCommentator1122d ago


We get it, you hate MS. The following is off topic to the thread but relevant to you as a hater.

MS recently registered the domain names and Why would they even want do this? First, MS is software while Sony is hardware so besides game systems there is almost no overlap in products or services. Second, MS doesn't like the hardware side of the business because it's more costly for them and owning Sony would give them their own manufacturing facilities. Third, if/when Apple or Google make strides in the living room, both MS and Sony's consoles could be in trouble. Then you'll be stuck with a MS owned game system anyways.

Stupid as this sounds, some people claim that MS intentionally botched things to help keep Sony from going bankrupt just to keep Apple or Google from becoming more of a threat to the MS ecosystem. It was suggested that without Playstation around, MS was afraid that its' real adversaries would step in and dominate the set top box market as well. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and if MS WERE helping Sony out it would be an investment to protect both of their companies from failure. It's all highly unlikely, but not impossible.

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Rookie_Monster1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )


If you don't want to take the words from a MS exec, then maybe the words from a PS exec would do the trick. At E3 2013, which was way before the release of the Xb1/PS4, Sony already said this at their press conference:
During Sony's E3 keynote, Adam Boyes said Final Fantasy 14 will come to consoles exclusively on PS3 and PS4. No timetable for the port was announced.

Noticed words such as "first on" or "debuting first on PS4" was never used unlike FF7 remake and No Man's Sky. It was straight up "exclusively on PS3 and PS4".

So Sony pretty much had a deal in placed to prevent FF14 to be on the Xbox platform so if you think about it for a second, what Phil said here is not that far off from the truth.

Soap_Z1123d ago
Read this article in 2013 and then you will find what you said is nonsense.
Xbox refused to change its policy about Xbox Live and then Sony announced the game as console exclusive.

SpaceRanger1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )


Instead of taking it personally and getting all flustered, take the time to read my statement to understand why I'm saying what I'm saying. Rather than to read my statement and comment only with the sole intention to argue. Negotiations with MS are still going on till today with this game.

And the rest of your "conspiracy on PS third party exclusively " really has no basis since you made it all up in your mind.

ShottyatLaw1123d ago

@ Rookie

Decent points, but you're fighting a losing battle.

I've had a good time reading the comments on these last few "Spencer" articles. When Phil mentions minimal performance gains for DX12, it's treated as absolute gospel...

Phil makes some comments about an exclusivity deal and potential price cut of the PS4: He's a liar, underhanded, shady, etc., etc.

Good times.

jb2271122d ago

Read the actual article. It's hilarious that the same people who get upset when Sony fans "move the goalposts" in terms of the SFV deal will support Spencer when he insinuates

"t's business," he said, adding he couldn't speak too candidly about the matter. "As I've grown in this role, and I've tried to learn the third-party exclusivity thing - We do less of it now, it's something that I'm not a fan of." He notes a different situation with Rise of the Tomb Raider, however, since Microsoft is playing an active role in its development and publishing."

I could see his logic and get behind the things he's saying if he was honest & said "RotTRs the last one we will do, it's a holdover from that earlier mentality I was mentioning before", but instead what he did there was leave his platform wide open for every new timed third party game under the sun while somehow implying that this one is in any way different from any other, publishing rights mean nothing when the game will be published by the ip holder a year later. Dude is "moving the goalposts" harder than any Sony SFV apologist I've ever seen. He's also saying absolutely nothing really, making statements with tricky wording that he can slide out of whenever he damn well pleases. He also "cites the Fallout 4 mods" as some unique XBO feature that MS single handedly "brought to consoles" when they are also confirmed for PS4.

Bottom line is that if SE approached MS about FFIV and they declined, or if Sony beat them to the punch then Spencer would've had free reign to "explicitly talk to" that, it would ultimately help his cause of distancing himself from deals. Look at what he said with the SFV deal, he acknowledged it plainly as an exclusivity deal and said he'd come up with something to make it up to gamers.

What he wouldn't have free reign to explicitly talk to is the one area that no one from MS has ever actually talked about: cross plat play. Considering every single game that features that somehow doesn't feature the Xbox, whereas Sony & all other platforms have used it, seems fairly obvious what is happening here, and just because Boyes said FFIV is "exclusively on ps" doesn't mean a deal took place. In this instance it could also mean that SE were unwilling to budge on disallowing MS to feature cross plat play so MS missed their shot, hence the game would be "exclusively on ps". Spencer running back to the "we don't do deals" argument again when literally every exclusive on their platform aside from 2 or 3 is the result of a deal is just flat out hilarious to me. "We don't do deals, unless we own the ip...or unless we helped develop the game.....unless we publish...or have marketing rights....or unless we get some "special content" to make it worthwhile...,then we make a special case for doing these kinds of deals, but other than all of those, no deals here. Can't deal with Xbox no sir." He's literally made exceptions for every kind of deal that takes place in gaming while saying he doesn't make deals.

kickerz1122d ago

Honestly who actually plays Final Fantasy anymore other then the diehards and Japanese? As an Xbox/PC gamer this dosnt bother me in the slightest. I guess if your into Final Fantasy you most likely would have a PS4 anyway.

fuzzyinthepants1122d ago

it is hysterical that you show them proof and they still disagree. the hate is strong with this last gen ps fans.

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Septic1123d ago

What? I wanna know how open Sony is with cross play with Microsoft.

Godmars2901123d ago

By all counts its always MS who has an issue. Who needs separate servers for anything other than PC and sometimes even then.

Would think that all the time PSN goes down over XBL would be enough of an example.

vanity291123d ago

Sony is open. Giving the fact that square and YoshiP went into discussions to try to get ffxiv on xbox and all. They got shut down by policy i believe but are still open to whenever they are allowed.

Christopher1123d ago

Good luck ever getting that answer. Neither is either going to admit to being open to this thing or outright say they won't do it because they don't want to focus on cross-platform gameplay and instead focus on their ability to get more gamers onto their platform over the other console (P.S. PC doesn't count).

SpaceRanger1123d ago

Very open. From the requirements the dev had...why would PS4 have the best dog-fight flight simulator game if they weren't open to cross play ?
Obviously this sort of stuff isn't happening with bigger budget games. But who do you think would be open to it on AAAs? The ones who supports at least indies doing this when the devs would like it, or ones who are completely opposed to cross play with all platforms?

freshslicepizza1123d ago

how many cross play games do you see with playstation and nintendo consoles? the answer is none. the fact is they are all competitors with one another so it's not like anyone can point fingers who will and won't support the other.

microsoft has invested billions into it's infrastructure, why would they allow anyone to piggyback off of it for free?

you also have three very different systems who keep track of their own members. whether it's collecting trophies/achievements, adding friends, matchmaking, sending messages. all of that. it's not so easy to somehow manage everyone under one big umbrella.

jb2271122d ago

Here's one glaring example: Windows PCs are ran on a Microsoft OS, and SFV will feature cross plat play with PCs, hence Sony is open to cross plat play w/ MS.

freshslicepizza1122d ago

"Here's one glaring example: Windows PCs are ran on a Microsoft OS, and SFV will feature cross plat play with PCs, hence Sony is open to cross plat play w/ MS."

really? let me know when sony allows the game to be on the xbox one in the first place. microsoft also allows cross play with fable legends from xbox one and pc. now show me all those cross play games sony allows with nintendo.

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endi1231123d ago

So what could he said other than that, I don't judge him, its not about satisfying ps4 gamers its about xbox gamers. Sony was also in this position last Gen remember but now when MS can't get a game or doesn't have so many ip's Sony fanboys are always there to dig MS even further down, its a shame, but remember that this is not the last Gen so we may see a turnaround. And about Sony being saint and the best thing for gamers, just no, the only thing that matters is business because that's what keeps companies alive, don't be naive

Magicite1123d ago

FF11 was a major flop on X360, thats why.

jznrpg1123d ago

FF11 was the cause of my first RROD. And my 2nd . Finally wised up and switched to PC.

fermcr1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Fanboys... LOL. * Shakes head *

I see a lot of twisted words on the comment section of N4G. Phil says something, fanboys twist his words all around to serve their purpose.

Kavorklestein1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Very true.
But in all honesty, who the hell cares?! If there is a grand total of like 6 people who play this stupid game, then why the hell is there so many people being vocal about it on this stupid website?

Oh yeah... becuase it's N4G and anything bad that can be said, twisted, misconstrued, or even straight up lied about concerning MS or their ways is more important than who actually gives a fuck in the long run about who it actually affects or matters to.

This article is so stupid, and everyone else who DOESN'T EVEN LIKE FF14 can GTFO and STFU.

DLConspiracy1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Do we actually know for sure there isn't a contract for console exclusivity with the game already? It could mean that PS has a deal with it. I don't know for sure but I am just saying it's possible. We already know each console has their exclusives. So its not that far fetched.

jb2271122d ago

That's possible but if that were the case, why would this be any different than the SFV exclusivity? Spencer has commented freely on that exclusivity on multiple instances, so if there was an actual deal in place, then he wouldn't need to say he can't "explicitly talk to" this situation. If the fault lies with your competitor and not in your own back yard, these guys have a history of shouting it from the rooftops. When the blame lies with their console, that's when this smoke & mirrors vague misdirection talk starts happening.

I also seem to remember Spencer talking about the RotTR exclusivity & saying that it was the "same situation as what happened with DR3 & Ryse", fully trying to insinuate that the only other platform it'll hit would be the PC, and all of his fans did all of the legwork & dot connecting for him, just like what is happening in this thread. History showed us that the RotTR deal was not in fact "just like DR3 & Ryse" at all, but his tricky wording kept his hands clean. The guy is great at using his disciples to do his bidding, if he didn't fall in love with the games industry, I'd say he'd have made a great cult leader.

DLConspiracy1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )


I read an article written some time ago from the developer after I wrote this where it was stated that MS didn't want to share their servers with PS on this game. If the developer stated they wanted that then perhaps they (ms) don't want to share servers with their direct competitor. In which case that is "business".

Some people are spinning it like MS doesn't care about its fans or Phil is lying because they won't share with other gamers outside of xbox. That isn't true. As we already know they are doing cross play with pc gamers on other games. I would say it's safe to assume it's so. This game was first put on PS so... we don't know what the deal is. Perhaps Sony would react similarly if xbox had the game first aND sony was asked to do the same. Sinice they were first and this is oNE of the only games. We may never know.

As far as jumping on Phil and saying things like cult leaders. I would also assume anyone saying that could also say the same about Yosp on the Sony side, but that's not what this article is about and there is no need to treat it as such.

jb2271122d ago


Of course Xbox games will be cross play with PC, MS owns the major OS that runs PC gaming & they run Xbox so that's not really a pertinent example because they aren't in direct competition with themselves. I'm surprised it took this long for them to do that really.

Maybe some people are spinning it like MS doesn't care about its fans but that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that it's still a business and Spencer isn't nearly as upfront & honest as the diehards are portraying him to be. He obviously uses confusing & tricky wording to imply the best of intentions while leaving himself a door open to backtrack on those implications. The RotTR example is an obvious instance of obfuscation specifically meant to cater to the hardcore in order to spread a message that was inherently untrue. MS isn't lying to its fans, but it does have a history of telling half truths in order to gain new ones. Aren't many businesses that are completely transparent and I'm not faulting Spencer for using those tactics as they seem to be working, I only take issue with fans that take every word from the platform holders mouths as gospel. I'm sure there are some Sony fans that do the same with yosp but that may be a fairly different scenario as Sony are continuing on the same path they've always walked while Spencer himself takes every chance he can get to say that he's working to build a different Xbox. He should be held under some scrutiny considering the brand has made mistakes in the past that they claim to be working to rectify, but they need to prove this new intent rather than just making statements about it.

DLConspiracy1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )


I guess that's fair but it's rather popular to hate a guy who has done more good than bad for the brand. Mostly and probably because he works for MS. I don't believe anything that comes out of any execs mouth. I always wonder why they are saying it. Of most execs I trust him more than ANY other exec at xbox. He for the most part doesn't take jabs at the competition and he does have to follow orders to a degree. Personally I appreciate that kind of effort most. I find it in poor taste for any exec to take jabs. Especially when there is no need to. Speaks volumes about any sales person.

Also I guess fuzzy posted an article above that points to exclusivity for the game. So I guess that's business.

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1123d ago
dcbronco1123d ago

The Sony fanboy is a fickle creature. Once complaining Microsoft only buys third party support and then complaining about it when they move away from it.

If Microsoft uses funds previously spent on third party games on exclusive features like cloud support they will be far better off. The uniqueness of the OS and cloud computing are what will differentiate Xbox One so that is where their focus should be.

otherZinc1122d ago


Why don't you badger the makers of FF14 & Sony the way you relentlessly badgered M$ & the makers of Tomb Raider for not coming to the PS4 immediately?

You guys didn't badger Sony executives for not making a Tomb Raider dear...."unfortunately&qu ot;.

The biased media is FOS.

AndrewLB1122d ago

Microsoft has an amazing server network. Sony doesn't. Why would Microsoft allow owners of the competitors console access to their server network?

Hold_It1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

He's right though. Xbox is known for Halo and Gears of War for the most part. That being said the majority of the Xbox install base don't play many JRPG's in comparison to Playstation, which Playstation has the most JRPG games on it at this time. It doesn't make sense to shell out money on something that hardly anyone is going to mess with in the first place.

Xbox has more than enough things to focus on without needing to stress over FF14 not doing well at all.

3-4-51122d ago

I think they'd rather spend money on something that could be exclusive to XB1, rather than paying to get FF14 after PS4 already had/s it.

* Not a huge deal though, as XB1 still has a solid lineup of games + still getting FF15.

* I'd be more upset about not getting Dragon Quest 11 than ff14.

fuzzyinthepants1122d ago

I have been boycotting square enix since the day that dragon quest x was known to not come to western shores.

butchertroll1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Kagari from GAF :

"AFAIK 14 has no exclusivity deal as stated by Yoshida several times before. MS's cross platform play policy is what's stopping the release as Yoshida wants all platforms to play together"

Also :

Naoki Yoshida, the person in charge of FFXIV, has stated the reason FFXIV is not on Xbox is because of Microsoft's policies


Anyway, Phil is caught in another spinning bulshit.

ShadowNextGen1122d ago

Yes, it is business on all platforms. Every console deals with exclusives. Microsoft has Rise of the Tomb Raider and Sony has Street Fighter V, for example. People always seem to forget that it was Sony that really ushered in the third party exclusive in a major way with the PS2. Third party exclusives had occurred before then but it was Sony that really made it an art form, so to speak.

He didn't contradict himself with Rise of the Tomb Raider. Actually reading the piece you can see he said that is a bit different (and most likely going to the exception, not the rule) because they were actually helping to develop and publish the game.

Magicite1122d ago

Lately he starts to sound pathetic, damage control all over the place.

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Concertoine1123d ago

MS' policy on cross platform makes no sense and i remember the producer saying that was the main reason they didn't make an xbone port

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triple_c1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

The thing I find funny about this article is he says he's not a fan of third party exclusivity deals but then contradicts his statement by bringing up Rise of the Tomb Raider's third party exclusivity deal. If this guy dislikes third party exclusivity deals so much then why is Rise of the Tomb Raider a timed Xbox One exclusive?

LifeInNZ1123d ago

Maybe he see's them as a necessary evil. I wish someone would ask the same questions of Mark Cerny so we can compare responses from both camps.

triple_c1123d ago

Well he should keep his mouth shut about how he hates third party exclusivity deals then. All he's doing is contradicting himself.

LifeInNZ1123d ago

So saying you're not a fan of something now means you hate it? I'm not a huge fan of a lot of things but doesnt mean I hate them. You are just twisting his words to suit your cause.

What do you think of third party exclusivity deals by the way? Personally I'm not a fan as it disadvantages gamers if they only have their console of choice. It needlessly fuels fanboy wars and can tarnish the reputation of developers.

NewMonday1123d ago

"necessary evil" that MS created, before them exclusives were true exclusives full generation.

triple_c1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )


Hate, dislike, not a fan, whatever. You know what I mean and you understand the point I'm trying to make. Stop trying to argue semantics with me dude.

All I'm saying is if he says he dislikes something or he's not a fan of something then he should probably stop talking about how he dislikes it if he's going to keep pursuing it. That's like someone saying they dislike candy yet they're still going to the grocery store and buying it periodically.

LifeInNZ1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

@NewMonday: nonsense. Sony were doing it before Xbox turned up on the scene. Go check out some gaming history.

@triplec: semantic nothing. Dislike does not mean hate, plain and simple. He is also stating MS will be doing less of it moving forward. Seems to me that reflects his dislike of the practice.

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DeadManMMX1123d ago

In this article hes saying they are getting away from third party exclusives. All of the examples in the article are deals made in the past.

_-EDMIX-_1123d ago

Agreed, that is just too strong a statement to make.

Septic1123d ago

What? He even qualifies his statement later on. How did you miss it?

"But it's not something I specifically embrace with any deal that's out there, whether it's something else

triple_c1123d ago Show
Septic1123d ago

So you're going to ignore the statement I just presented you with from the very same article?

Stop talking BS and address the point above.

81BX1122d ago

Not a fan of, doesn't= never will do. Sony isn't going to be a fan of dropping the ps4's price, but i bet at some point they will.

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Travis37081123d ago

He just doesn't want Xbox gamers playing with PS gamers

that's sad.. We all should be able to play together.

Zero1091123d ago

MS had that policy before Phil became the head of Xbox gaming division. So he isn't to blame for the policy. Though I don't see any attempt from him to try and change it which would be a win win for everyone of they finally did.

PistolsAtDawn1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

OK, tell Sony to get a host of dedicated servers to allow all gamers to play together...not sure why you are implying it's MS's fault.

Or are you implying that when PS4 released the game, they sent an invitation to MS to come play the game with PS4 owners, and provided a way to do so?

IIFloodyII1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Why would either need to supply a 3rd party company with servers? Square are the ones providing the cross platform servers here, Sony, MS and whoever else just need to let them do it.

Antifan1123d ago

SE will provide the servers. It's MS who couldn't come to terms because it's cross-play. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it.