New Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots

Strategy Informer has 4 new Final Fantasy XIII screenshots.

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Le-mo4393d ago

I doubt it's the 360 screenshots. The development team didn't even received the development kits yet.

Panthers4393d ago

Of course it isnt. This is all on PC which I believe is made for PS3 since that is going to be finished first.

B-Rein4393d ago

Nope these arent 360 screens some reson that site put as if its only of 360, well as far as we are told that xbox 360 version isnt even in productions and staff of SE are told not to even think about the fact its goin to 360 and only to work as if its ps3 exclusive unly ps3 is done and the xbox dev kits arrive

watashi hideo kojima4392d ago

is gonna make this port the worst of all games in the industry, considering if the cell proficiency is expressed more than mgs4. SE stock holders will regret this.keep my word..but still money is money.

Daver4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

I dont think those screenshots are on the xbox, square said that they didnt even start developing on it or are they lying? again?

Edit: he changed the title

hay4393d ago

lol, 2 days ago someone form Square said that X360 development hasn't started yet.

The Wood4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

the 360 is just that 'easy' to program for....maybe;)


hay4393d ago

If it goes that well it may be finished by next week! About one year before PS3 version.

Fishy Fingers4393d ago

Pre-rendered CGI. Which is more than likely running on a PC.

Still if that is 360, it's looking great for a game not yet in development. Impressive SE.

FreestyleBarnacle4393d ago

So they went into the future and got these and came back? The things you gotta do these days to get a story... Next time can you find out who wins the Superbowl, a well placed bet and I might be able to afford to get all of the games that are coming out in the next 6 months or so.

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The story is too old to be commented.