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"Star Ocean will always hold a special place in my heart, earning its claim to fame for its engaging action-battle system, copious customization options, and multiple eclectic party members. The sci-fi RPG entries felt like diamonds in the rough in their heyday. Unfortunately, later entries didn't quite share the same magic. Star Ocean 3: Until The End Of Time had a plot twist that divided gamers, amid other issues, while Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope had an abysmal story and annoying characters to boot. The future looked uncertain with the disappointment many fans found with The Last Hope. But just recently Square Enix announced a comeback for the series with Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithfulness. During this year's TGS, I went hands-on with the game, and it reminded me why I enjoyed these games in the first place."

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Rookie_Monster1123d ago

STAR ocean 2 and 3 were great games but somehow Star Ocean 4 was a letdown for me and many so here hoping SO5 can return the series back to its early success. Looking forward of seeing more of it.

rextraordinaire1123d ago

Can't wait! Hope there's Bunnie Races again!

Also, I hope the item creation goes back to TTEOT's system, with recruitable creators!

PyroPotatoe1123d ago

I remember being obsessed with playing SO3, i hope so5 can wrap me in like that

rhap1123d ago

SO2 is one of my favorite RPGs ever. That alone makes me very happy when a new SO is close to release.