My Baffling Japanese PlayStation VR Experience

Matt Miller:

"Sony graciously set aside some time for me to come by their large TGS booth earlier today to try out the newly renamed PlayStation VR, previously codenamed Morpheus. While I’ve had some brief demos of other VR hardware, this was the first time I’d tried on Sony’s headset. Unfortunately for me, I knew next to nothing about the games I was set to play, they were all in Japanese, and the kind Japanese women manning each station stubbornly refused to understand English, almost as stubbornly as I have failed to learn Japanese in the last 30-plus years. The result was a surreal adventure, and I came away both oddly fascinated with the potential of the device, and with more than a little bit of a headache."

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traumadisaster1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Told ya so, I feel more sorry for the people who thought this would be good, than I do vindicated for preaching that this is the same as kinect/3dtv/ps eye/move.

I buy all of this stuff cause I'm into tech, but I know it's not that good, some of you thought this would be different than the last peripherals.

Overall it's good we have this tech as it advances the industry and eventually we will have something that replaces our 4k tv.

Ristul1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

"the demo impressed upon me the potential for PlayStation VR to offer up gameplay experiences different from what I’m used to on a TV. The three-dimensional space felt real, and the sense of being suspended within my mechanized ship was potent. I’d love to experience a full game in a similar format"

"Over the course of the demo, she leans across you and sits just a bit too close, and the sensation is an odd one – as you’re forced to lean in to read a book she is offering, you genuinely get the sense of invading another person’s personal space."

"Danganronpa further instilled in me the promise presented not only by PS VR, but the broader VR experience. During the demo, I genuinely felt like I was in a 3D space with these animated characters on either side."

"PlayStation VR undoubtedly has a hard road to walk in competition with Oculus Rift. The comfort factor is a big issue for me, and I hope that Sony finds some way to keep things a little less blurry in final game launches."

"I can’t deny PlayStation VR’s potential to provide something entirely new to Sony gamers, and I left the booth bemused, but excited about the future of the medium."

Did we read the same article? He had some problem with motionsickness/blur and that every game was in japanese, but lots of positive things to say on the whole.

Eonjay1544d ago

I don't know... being surrounded by Japanese both ladies who feel the need to be too close to me might enhance my experience.

KwietStorm1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Vindicated? LOL you feel vindicated? Nobody cares. You have an opinion, just like the guy who wrote this article, and just like anyone else. Some people like things. Some people don't like said things. Nobody is the authority on any of them. Also, loldidntread

amiga-man1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Did you read the article? his enjoyed his experience, getting his head round the japanese take on VR was what baffled him.

VR is here to stay, When that finally hits home remember, I Told ya so

ArmrdChaos1544d ago

Heard a lot of the same talk about 3D gaming. You might want to wait before making such statements. If you want VR to stick around then you better hope they use it for more than just gaming.

Baka-akaB1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I don't even see how you get that , and from just a title blurb . With any new tech and especially tech of this kind , only time will tell .

The product aint even out yet , hasnt flopped yet , hasnt been ignored by devs or embraced by them yet , and here you are parading with an " i told you so"

3-4-51544d ago

That price though. I could by a whole other console

jb2271544d ago

What price? Have I missed something? Haven't seen them announce a price yet to my knowledge.

jb2271544d ago

You feel "sorry for people" and "vindicated" off of one person's negative experience? Seems like I've seen a fair few people who've gone hands on w/ the tech that found it very enjoyable. You sound like you've tried it, surely you wouldn't be saying for a fact that you know it's not good otherwise. Either way the device hasn't even released yet so even the previewer in question included the caveat that there is plenty of time to iron out any kinks. Also may need to take into account different types of biology, maybe this dude is prone to motion sickness or maybe his eyesight is poor. Experiences will always vary but I highly doubt Sony & Oculus are going to push products out to market that are bad across the board.

traumadisaster1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I have the Galaxy Gear VR for the Note4. It's cool to try out but nothing like playing the Witcher or gta5.

I always buy the new tech, I love it. 3dtv, move/Kinect/4kpc 2 years ago. I'm just saying although I like all of this stuff none of it is good enough for it to stick with regular gamers. Just us tech nuts.

You can replace all of these VR articles and peoples comments about how good this is going to be with IDENTICAL articles written years ago,except instead of VR, its Kinect,move,ps eye,3dtv, etc. word for work look it up...cause I experienced it.

jb2271544d ago


I definitely see your point, it's really anyone's guess as to whether or not this will just be another flash in the pan not yet ready for prime time. Maybe it's more likely that it will end up another fad or gimmick going off of similar peripheral pushes, but there's still the likelihood of the tech taking off in a big way if the experiences are on point. I think that's obviously the key, maybe your experience w/ Galaxy Gear is kinda mediocre, but if the right devs come along and make truly unique & interesting experiences for the Oculus & PsVR then that would elevate the medium into something much more than a gimmick. I just think it's still too early to judge the length of time it'll take for VR to be a viable platform. Once Oculus & PSVR launch for consumers and they have a year or so on the market then we can properly evaluate. I've got hope for it, and whereas it may not be for some, the idea of proper VR experiences has been intriguing to me since I was a kid, much moreso than motion controls or 3d movies ever were.

I think the best thing it has in it's favor is the fact that it could potentially be the device to bring all of those disparate peripherals together, combining ps eye & kinect like body tracking & motion controls, 3d technology & hmd devices and making all of them finally worthwhile as a unit where they weren't in separate fashions.

Spotie1544d ago

THIS is an example of trolling.

You didn't read the article, and you don't give a damn what's actually in there. You saw a few things you could latch onto as negatives, and decided that was good enough to post a nonsense comment.

Nothing you've "preached" has been vindicated. The article doesn't support your assertion that it's not that good.

But hey, don't let reality get in the way of your agenda.

traumadisaster1544d ago

Reality as in the Kinect/move/ps eye/3dtv, etc. all flopped. That reality?

Funny how many people assume I didn't read the article, since I actually buy all of the new tech and read about all of it.

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Dir_en_grey1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

This guy is going to complain because the booth babes don't speak English in JAPAN!? The headset probably wasn't properly adjusted and seems like he was too dumb and refused to from the way he talked. Other reviews were always positive on PSVR so that's the only conclusion I can draw from when I read this article since nobody else complained about blurriness on the PSVR.

DragonDDark1544d ago

I may buy at launch if its $300 or less.

Mr_cheese1544d ago

VR will be brilliant when it comes out. For me, this feels like the first true experience into VR gaming. I thoroughly understand it may have limitations but for now, this will set me up for the advancements in this field.

I'm very excited to see Sony's interpretation of the medium.

Immorals1544d ago

I think it'll be like console gaming versus pc gaming. Morpheus is like a basic/entry level device, playing all games for it perfectly (like a console game), whilst pc with rift will be more advanced, but take more tinkering and maybe not as stable (though, who knows with its min specs!)

killacal131544d ago

Did the have a release date for this device?