Gamer 2.0 Preview: Left 4 Dead

Daniel Phillips reports:

''Know this-the world of Left 4 Dead is in complete chaos. And you will understand this after only a few minutes in it. Zombies will come at you from every possible (and not-so-possible) direction, clawing at your eyes, hoping to gorge on your intestinal and brain matter. There is no safe way to play through this game. There is no cover. All you can hope for is a flashlight that works, a few rounds of ammo, and three grizzled survivors looking out for your neck.

Perhaps the only feeling of ease we experienced during our play-time at a recent EA event was related to the superb AI that had our back. Sure, there were still some bugs Turtle Rock Studios (Valve) needs to work out-team mates occasionally lost their path or got stuck on objects-but when they're behind you, they're behind you. They saved our ass on more than one occasion. When the world is in ruin and flesh-eating bastards are trying to maim you, it's nice to know someone's behind you. Preferably, armed with shotgun.

When we asked an EA rep about the game's objective, he said simply "stay alive." If any of you are worried that this will mean a lack of focus or sufficient narrative in this game, stop that. This is a zombie game, and there's no time for talk. Valve puts you in the shit, with the central design goal having been to make a videogame out of the best Zombie survivor movies. Dare we say they've succeeded?''

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