Five Things Konami Should Add To MGS V: The Phantom Pain


"Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain came out earlier this month, and it is excellent – but it isn't perfect. Konami just revealed some DLC costume plans, but for fans who have already finished the game, new outfits don’t rank high on the list of things that could further enrich the experience. To help Hideo Kojima’s latest title fully realize its potential, Konami should be focusing its post-release efforts in other areas. This list runs through five additions that would go a long way toward making The Phantom Pain more cohesive and satisfying."

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Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1543d ago

Chapter 3,a proper ending, and user created content that Kojima mentioned a long time ago (custom missions?) would be a start.

-Foxtrot1543d ago

Fast Travel - Like I can oprn my mao, pick the LZ or Cardboard Box pick up locations and quickly transport there in a flash

-Foxtrot1542d ago

What by getting picked up, going back to the ACC and selecting your mission again

Or finding a cardboard box pick up zone, sneaking in and then being transported

Or just going to your ACC from pause menu which still goes through two loading screens

There not really FAST travelling elements

LKane1542d ago

Yes give us Quiet back!

FreshRevenge1542d ago

I agree on the whole Quiet thing. I am on my second playthrough and now plan on locking her missions out so I can replay all the missions with her.Story wise it makes sense to have her disappear but to totally remove her from your buddy list is a stupid move. Now they may have dlc that brings her back in the future within the story but that won't be any time soon I expect if at all.

would like a NG+ option. I would have like to play a second time but without having to upgrade all my gear again.

2cents1542d ago

lol... Konami ain't doin sh1t

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