Destiny The Taken King Has A New Loot Cave, And Why You Shouldn't Do It

Destiny The Taken King has a new "Loot Cave" exploit. Allowing players to earn exotic engrams with ease. But, is this exploit a game breaker? Poli Games tells you why it might be best to stay away.

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That one guy 861541d ago

This is basically months of xur in one sitting. I did it and do not regret it. With the logic of the videocaster, xur should be taken out completely. I bought my exotic from xur is a pretty boring story. Overall I payed $40 and I want my moneys worth.

NewMonday1541d ago

the only armor I get from engrams is something I already have, did you get Taken King exotic armor from those engrams?

Allsystemgamer1541d ago

You CAN get taken king exotics. I got jade rabbit from an engram. Just remember legacy is year one. Exotic can be any

NewMonday1541d ago

I got lots of new exotic weapons but only 2 new exotic armor out of about 50 armor engram, and those 2 were ones Xur already sold.

a friend is experiencing the same thing, plenty of exotic weapons but exotic armor are year 2 versions of old exotics.

I suspect Bungie are locking most of the new exotic armor down.


I did it yesterday for a few hours an walked away with over a dozen exotics. No regrets at all. It would be broken if it was given out legendaries but since u can only equip one at a time then i see no harm.

MetalJedi1541d ago

Videocaster is full of crap. The "New" Loot Cave is worth it. I stopped cause I kept getting too much of the same exotics. I even got a ghorn which is uselees in Taken King. I rather get the exotics first to help advance faster through the story.

n4rc1541d ago

dont tell me what to do...

it works like they want it to.. whats the "cheese" here? saving yourself 3 minutes at a time by saving CPs like weve done for a year

bungie CM has already said enjoy it...

i did it 3 times and stopped (dont want to ruin all my future drops lol)

got the telesto, a 290 suros and the stag.. good haul... then i didnt realize i had one active while playing missions and got that supercell to drop (my new favorite gun)

pingthing1541d ago

In my mind there is no way that the devs didn't realise this.....It all seams like fair compensation for all my current gear being turned to junk overnight..... It's nice to have a few (and now i do)but I never build my guardians around his exotics anyway

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