Star Wars Battlefront Steel Book image leaks

The image for the upcoming steel book for Star wars battlefront has leaked

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81BX1538d ago

Not a fan of steel books but that one is sweet.

GreetingsfromCanada1537d ago

No it's not, it's the regular cover art on a metal case. There's nothing special or creative about it.

81BX1537d ago

So ur saying... in order to be sweet it has to have a different pic?

81BX1537d ago

I disagree some what. I typically would like to see a different pic as well, but i think the case with the pic makes it stand out enough.

RosweeSon1537d ago

It's EA their special editions are the standard editions as they upgrade everyone to the special/limited edition yet because everyone is upgraded they don't have a standard one any more so how that makes that limited I'll never know, standard EA.