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Before the thought of fooling around with a “micro machine” even crossed my mind, I had to stop for a minute to take in the explosion of vibrantly colored objects in the main menu of Super Toy Cars. From the messy assortment of Legos and letter blocks, to the little green toy airplane and the adorable teddy bear sitting on the side of the table, it really felt as if I had been swallowed into the bedroom of a bemused toddler who forgot to put all of his toys away after playing with them. When I was prompted to select my profile, my ears were greeted with a cheerful acoustic guitar riff that sounded familiar to me for some reason. At this point, I was ready to greet Eclipse Games’ newest creation with open arms, especially since I also happen to be a big fan of their Tachyon Project, which was yet another recent instalment onto the Xbox One platform.

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