The Last Guardian – What’s all the fuss about?

PS4News: "To answer the original question: because it’s set to be epic. Get ready for an amazing adventure."

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Thatguy-3101130d ago

Though we're clueless on what the story is the reason why people are hype is simply because of the track record of the individuals who are making it.

Irishguy951130d ago

The two games


Eh Shadow of the C was good imo. Ico..not so much.

As a 'artpiece' these games area great tho. Te last guardian, gameplay wise looks the worst yet imo.

BitbyDeath1130d ago

It released around Halo, MGS2 and GTA3 and still received critical acclaim.

Quite a feat no matter what you think of it personally.

jb2271130d ago

"Art pieces" are nearly impossible to showcase at trade shows that run on capitalism & commerce. Art is infinitely more valuable than entertainment though. Fun games are a dime a dozen, but truly affecting games are as rare as they come.

I can count on one hand the amount of games that truly shook me through the course of last gen, if The Last Guardian has the potential to rest on that list with titles like SotC then it's in an entirely different league from everything else. In order for gaming to be considered a legitimate and worthwhile medium going forward, they need more games like TLG and less games like CoD, otherwise gaming will just be a flash in the pan that'll give way to the next interesting "leisure" activity. Gaming has every bit of the potential that film & music has, but without games like Shadow and the other "art pieces" it's just another way to waste a few hours. I expect more out of this medium, and I think gamers deserve more, we just need to have the right attitude towards receiving them.

FunAndGun1130d ago

This game is going to be reviewed under such scrutiny.

StrawberryDiesel4201130d ago

Maybe....but I bet it delivers and critics will be blown away. I have a feeling this game will be something special.

deathtok1129d ago

To be blunt... it's a review. If the author isn't scrutinizing why bother?

FunAndGun1129d ago

I mean more so than most reviews, obviously.

Inzo1130d ago

If you played SOTC and Ico you will know what the fuss is adout.

Inzo1130d ago

You've played the game then I take it. Can you post some gameplay footage to show boring it is.

isarai1130d ago

Only way to answer that is to play the previous 2 games. And it's more about having experience than is anything else, it's made with the human element in mind and as the key component to what makes them good. I can go on ,but simply put, just play the previous 2

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