Losing Konami is like losing an old friend

A heartfelt look at the apparent exit of Konami from a gamer that's been along for the ride with them since day one.

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Hoffmann1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

"Losing Konami is like losing an old friend"

They stopped being my friend around 10 years ago already. The company was only a shadow of its former self..aside from MGS, Silent Hill and a very few Castlevania games that were still good they delivered not half as many great games anymore as back in the nineties.

So many great game series, IP's are lost now. =/

Twinbee, Gradius, Parodius, Contra, Castlevania, the series of great games they made with comic or cartoon licenses (TMNT and the Looney Tunes games as examples) Policenauts, ZOE, Track & Field, Goemon (Mystical Ninja), Sunset Riders and lets not even talk about the equally big number of Hudson Soft goodies like Bloody Roar or Bomberman that are dying together with the former self of Konami.

Dafreakzo1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Great piece. Take the time to read the article.

trywizardo1542d ago

and now other studios and publishers will fight for the rights of the IPs xD

gangsta_red1542d ago

I remember going into Toys R Us and seeing Castlvania for sale on the NES and begging my mom to buy it.

Brought it home and instantly fell in love with the game. Couldn't wait to tell my friends at school about the game, no one believed me since the NES came with a poster that had only their 1st party games on it, at that time we all that those were the only games available for the NES.

But soon they came to the house and saw it was true.

81BX1542d ago

Yeah i remember trading cartridges at school.

gangsta_red1542d ago

Lol! Yes, I did that too. I forgot which game I traded but I got Balloon Fight and it was some of the best fun I had 2 player wise.

81BX1542d ago

For some reason i really liked marble madness and i was horrible at it. Lol.

SolidGear31542d ago

Friday the 13th... I think I beat Jason like 3 times.. Bastard just kept getting stronger, lol

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The story is too old to be commented.