5 Great Value PS4 Games

PS4News: "You can now pick-up some of the original titles at a much smaller price. Some publishers have also released games at a dramatically lower cost."

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S2Killinit1545d ago

Really want to try sleeping dogs: definitive edition. Love the setting.

madcowzz1545d ago

How about Metro: Redux? That can be picked up for less than $20 now. Same with Minecraft and Terraria, hours of endless content for less than $20 too. Or Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? Base game you can get for $20-30 for an incredibly deep and fun MMO

The games in the list can be fun for at least a few weeks before running out of content, but these can keep you going for months on end

Silly Mammo1545d ago

I picked up Farcry 4 for $20 at Amazon. Love the game.