Metal Gear Solid voted best PlayStation game of all time by PlayStation fans

A few days ago, PlayStation ran a poll through their official blog page asking fans to vote for the best PlayStation game of all time, in celebration of the system’s 20th anniversary.

The results are in, and Metal Gear Solid is the winner, beating Crash Bandicoot Warped (fourth place), Crash Bandicoot (third place) and Final Fantasy VII (second place).

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-Foxtrot1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Kind of funny how a PS1 game has better character developer and story then one of it's recent games.

Sometimes you just can't beat the classics.

Well done

suckingeggs1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Two crash games in the top four

If that's not enough for Sony to realise crash is the PlayStation mascot and the rights need to be bought... Then I dunno..

Gatsu1178d ago

Also Resident Evils, Final Fantasies were amazing during PS1 era. Quite a big difference compared to how they are now.

fitfox1178d ago

Theres more to a game than story, I think gameplay should count for something.

-Foxtrot1178d ago

But lets be honest, MGS is know for it's story

You don't do 4 games which are story driven and then for the last one take a step back and devolve a characters development

Lenns1178d ago

I think 4 was the one that took a step back in terms of story and character.

nix1178d ago

I think they trimmed down the story on MGSV because 4 had such long cut scenes. Remember how it had "9 hours of cut scenes" and all the fanboys continued to call that game a movie. Even Hideo Kozima later confessed that the cut scenes were wee bit long.

I've got MGSV Day One disc but I haven't even finished the prologue. Hell i haven't even finished the Ground Zero. I loved MGSIV but i don't think I'm finishing MGSV. I just bought it to support Hideo.

callahan091177d ago

@Lenns: What do you mean 4 took a step back in terms of story & character? It had by far the most story & character development of the whole franchise, the thing tells hours and hours and hours worth of story. Or did you mean something else?

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ZaWarudo1178d ago

I think the timing for the votes was bad. MGS5 hype is still strong.

Not hating or anything, just wanted to point that out.

Nyxus1178d ago

You think it wouldn't have won without MGSV?

Mr Marvel1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

It shouldn't be. I wouldn't even have it in my top 5... but that's MY opinion.

SotN is my #1.

DeadManMMX1178d ago

This game was voted number 1 at the end of the Playstation cycle right before PS2 came out years ago too. It was the number one PS1 game on multiple lists usually followed by Symphony of the Night and FF7. I've always wholeheartedly agreed with it as number one this game changed games. It was the first cinematic quality game and blazed the trail for the many that followed.

Gatsu1178d ago

It was voted as the best game ever many times, back in the PS1 days. It's no surprise people voted MGS1.

It revolutionized games and how they're done.

Majin-vegeta1178d ago

And here I thought FF7 was gonna take it xD.

MetroidFREAK211178d ago

Hey, the said best PS1 game, not the most overrated game

Masterchief_thegoat1178d ago

ff7 was indeed overhype great game

Gatsu1178d ago

I don't get it why so many say FFVII is overrated.

Blastoise1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Final Fantasy VII is awesome and deserves the credit it got. Years later and there still isn't a JRPG like it. The story, music, characters and gameplay hold up really well.

I never even played it as a kid, I played it for the first time on Vita a couple of years ago

richmoral1178d ago

Right. FF7 isn't even the best PS1 FF game. And yet it came in 2nd on this.

ThanatosDMC1178d ago

FF7 isnt as good as FF8, FF4, and FF10. Never understood why some people like it so much.

I would have voted Vagrant Story, Front Mission 3, and Legends of Legaia.

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OverdosedWitDopeness1178d ago

I'm right there with ya bro FF7 is my all time favorite game. Mgs is great but FF>MGS IMO.

nevin11178d ago

Its definitely the best MGS game.

BABY-JEDI1178d ago

The characters are the best IMO 😉

Gatsu1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

MGS3 is the best for me :D...but MGS is close on 2nd place ;).

Irishguy951178d ago

I have it tied with MGS3 for me.

LoveSpuds1178d ago

Well deserved in my opinion, a genuine classic that blew my mind back in the day.

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