The Wii U is Not a Failure

VGChartz's Brandon J. Wysocki: "In the wake of the naming of Tatsumi Kimishima as the new president of Nintendo, headlines were run on multiple websites (including our own) reporting that he knew the Wii U would fail. Though the idea of the Wii U being a failure is not new to me, this most recent story, coupled with an existential discussion I had with my brother the following day of what qualifies as 'success' in life, led me to conclude that calling the Wii U a failure is a mistake."

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johndoe112111179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

The wiiu has sold less than eleven million units in three years. It was surpassed by two systems that released a year later, one of those systems has almost tripled the wiiu sales. The wiiu is a failure and it doesn't matter how many family members you talk to, it is still a failure.

superchiller1179d ago

Totally agree. This kind of article is just a Fantasy Island style re-imagining of what the Wii U really accomplished. The reality is that it was a poorly-conceived, feature-lacking, low-spec piece of hardware, based on a gimmick. The gamepad didn't make up for the weak specs and missing features in the console itself, and it never will. And no amount of fanboy fantasies will change that either.

wonderfulmonkeyman1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

And therein lies your mistake; taking sales numbers as the end-all of success, when they are NOT.

On top of that, you speak of their first year as if it was an advantage, when none of the multiplats present gave it the advantage so many of you claim existed during that single year, let alone any of its first party games.
Both third parties and Nintendo failed to give the Wii U a year 1 advantage.
Stop pretending otherwise.

The Wii U started getting good only after the other two released, and that's a fact.
It's also a fact that despite its low unit sales, the system has been making Nintendo profit for a very long time now, and that's before considering the profits that the Wii U brought about by being the first system used with Amiibo.

It also did one important thing that the 100M selling Wii could not last gen; it cemented a firm stance of support from indies for Nintendo, one that will continue into the NX.

You can spew nonsense about sales being the most important thing all day long, but it does NOT make the Wii U a failure.
Especially when it's not that far away from the XBone, which is NOT considered a failure, either.

Picnic1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Your post make sense except it is foolhardy or erroneous to think that the XboxOne's sales won't likely double those of the WiiU at the very least. The Xbox One's current sales are of a console that has not been out as long as the WiiU has so there's little point mentioning the Xbox One's unique situation in comparison to the WiiU's unqiue one. WiiU would be lucky to have sold 15 million, even after Zelda WiiU comes out.

If Xbox One doesn't sell 30 million consoles at the minimum, with all of those exclusives and third parties in its arsenal, I will be extremely surprised no matter how much negativity it has had for its policies or sticking with DDR3.

One thing's for certain - no-one's going to necessarily expect to win the generation anymore (in console sales anyway) with just about the least powerful system. And Nintendo can't let third party games be limited to inferior versions of what is on he other systems. But if they want something like Zombi U to sell - and games like Until Dawn to come to the NX -they'd better stop their marketing being quite so beige with beige families in beige houses playing beige games.

Picnic1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

To start with it was a failure because it failed to sell anywhere close to original Wii sales. After a while, it has probably become a reasonable success for Nintendo because Mario Kart, for instance, has sold 5 million copies and , because there are so few third party games, the highly rated games have no problem selling. They possibly make more profit on every console than their competitors. And, unlike Sega with the Dreamcast, they have enough profit from the original Wii and DS not to have to panic pricedrop. And why wouldn't they want as many WiiU owners as a pricedrop can get? Because they'll make more profit in the long run from keeping those WiiU games fresh. If you buy an NX and you never owned a WiiU , you've got more reason to download WiiU games from the online store. And, also, keeping the WiiU highly priced takes in to account it's the only console with free online. Strangely enough, I think the WiiU's failings have not been looked upon by people who still buy consoles as a bad thing for Nintendo's future. The end of the Wii name will be an almighty plus for Nintendo .

N4g_null1179d ago

In the bigger picture it isn't a failure.

It helped nintendo realize that the current 3rd party offerings are going to boycott them unless they send money hats.

Now Nintendo's middle ware is way better than any of their last consoles. They are opening the door for indies.

It helped them realize what casuals actually want and how many different types of casuals lurk in gaming.

It also help them see how a hybrid system would work. With the merging of r and d along with the current restructuring they are ready to make the second gamepad a reality.

Much of the financial issue was due to building a new hq for this move.

What is also funny is they brought back up this time. No lame friends from 3rd parties. They brought mobile with them. That is a huge stick. They brought toys to life with them. That is a huge knife. They refined all of their franchises an are releasing more, xenolade and splatoon. Then they are seemingly going to use the might of the handheld dominance over the vita to bring everyone kicking and screaming back to the home console with an account system.

This is chess not checkers man. Nintendo is pondering a serious check mate here. True only nintendo fans that have not bought into what the wiiu is are missing but all signs point to huge profits, new account systems, various power levels and portability on a unified platform that extends to mobile and even pc thanks to dena.

Google and apple have shown nintendo the door to get their gamers back. Nintendo is finally figuring out how to walk thur that door.

This new president knows money when he sees it, which is why he works for Nintendo. The creative festival yielded some serious ip. Now it's time to structure that ip and make some serious bank.

What is crazy is how all the hate just makes nintendo better. They don't care about the popularity contest, their vision is pure games and profit. They have the hardware ip and software ip to do both now.

The wiiu was an olive branch to 3rd party. Hey here is a machine to port from the consoles you loved last gen. It was almost as if they wanted to see if there was any real partners out there. Now we get to see game boy nintendo, wii nintendo. All firing at the same time. It should be quite impressive.

It would be interesting to see how this all plays out. If you remember the sales took off then quickly derailed, due to various issues. Many being out side. People wanted to believe that nintendo was venerable and ready to fall just like sega and atari. So they are failing to see the sleeping giant just woke up.

First up the handheld! And Pokémon go!

johndoe112111179d ago

There is no bigger picture, there is no smaller picture, there is no picture in picture, there is no picture frame and there is no picture perfect. There is only one picture and that picture shows that the wiiu is a failure. Granted, it may be a failure they can learn from but that does not make it any less of a failure.

N4g_null1179d ago

Stay on topic. The discussion at hand is total failure and shades of it. Please read the article. If you have ever had any success in your life you know that it came from failure. You could act like a spoiled brat and wallow in it or get up like an adult and meet it head on.

If you want to believe nintendo is a failure then how do you see your self? That comment above was a failure. It's just jerberish and lame sense of humor.

It is only really a failure if you don't learn from it. You know like the ps vita, where is the new sony handheld anyway? Better yet will you just comment back or attack me now? Ethier way the idea is out there, you can't make it go away now.

You sound delisional who are you trying to convince? The sales are right there. The wiiu flopped hard and the 3ds kicked ars. You are falling into the authors trap and exposing your self.

Your perception is what separates you from success. You only want to see your picture because the truth is scary. The ps4 is a bubble along with the Xbox one, which are both propped up by money not 1st party ip. In business there are lots of other ways to win. Sony has proved this and so has ms. Only a mouth breather would believe sales is the only one. In the eyes of the gamer nintendo has already won.... looks over at the 3ds. If you can't understand what I just wrote above then it wasn't for you and I'm sorry you are offended. If you understand what I'm saying then prepare for success in your own life. You have a huge amount of hate online for Nintendo yet this thing still sells. Thats powerful. Now everyone talks about the nx. Why? We know the ps4 isn't as powerful as people want to believe. It's a ps3.2 at best.

The bigger picture is the elephant in the room. 3rd parties are not loyal. What makes sony believe they won't leave? We already see Konami leaving. Others are already there but are not parading it. Now that nintendo is about to be there things get serious.

Nintendo is starting to understandthe growth of a gamer. They are reestablishing their youth market. Then maybe they will take one more swing at the adult crowd. The wii was to get non gamers. The nx could go after all gamers.

Or it could be a non starter... the key is failure is letting it stand or stay that way. The gen is not over. The hate implies that people are still interested. No one hates the vita or the pspgo or ps move, eye or anything else sony makes because they no longer care. 3rd party is the last hope for sony.

If mobile games gets the power and interface what will happen to sony? Failure is not being able to get up again after falling. It's safe to say without 3rd party sony would be dead in the water right now. They need their own ip before it is too late.

I have a ps3 and haven't turned it on since the last god of war. The power thing doesn't work for me, I can afford $1000 gpus and millions are buying $1000 mobile at a subsidized cost, just ask apple and google.

johndoe112111178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )


You can write as many essays you wish, spouting as much senseless tripe as you want. You can twist the facts, distort them and immerse yourself in whatever realm of delusion you want, it won't change the fact that the wiiu is a failure. You sitting there and typing utter nonsense is not helping sell any wiiu's. It isn't stopping nintendo from announcing another system after only 3 years and it hasn't stopped it from failing to reach even one eighth of it's user base last gen. If that is what you consider to be success then you should look for a career in sweeping up hair in Barber saloons.

N4g_null1178d ago

This is a fan site. You came here to be a tool and I came here to talk about the possibilities. I'm sorry I don't share your despare. It's not my job to sell any consoles. The simple fact that you believe a fan can do that is misguided. True there are sheep, which makes my point even scarier. What happens if a console looses it's cool?

It's sad you think I'm twisting things or maybe you just can't see the options. I could care less if it is a success. Nintendo will keep making games I like. It fun to talk about the possibility of things and even better to see them happen.

M3TR01DFANBOY1179d ago

How could a failure be so much fun?

M3TR01DFANBOY1178d ago

For the record I'm saying the Wii U is not a failure because it is so much fun.

RPGrinder1179d ago

Considering there is an even bigger failure on the market (vita) and PS4/X1 are barely getting first party support, Wii U does not look that bad.

megamanX21178d ago

"The Wii U is Not a Failure"

lol yes it is even shigeru miyamoto said this.

wonderfulmonkeyman1178d ago

This might come as a shock to you, but Nintendo fans don't always agree with the decisions of the higher-ups.
Quite a lot of us wish the Wii had been an HD system, for example, but that wasn't how things went.
Similarly, we don't agree with Miyamoto, or anyone else in Nintendo, who feels the system was a failure in any way other than raw unit sales.

N4g_null1178d ago

That is what's great about nintendo fans. We are mostly different. Independent gamers!

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