10 Reasons To Play GTA Online This Weekend

Go enjoy a weekend full of laugher, epicness, and GTA V. You can thank Rockstar on Monday when you're late for work!

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DoctorFry1126d ago

I can think of ten reasons to not play GTA Online.

FullmetalRoyale1126d ago

But can you name one? Keep trolling, I guess.

OT: Been waiting for my buddy to get a new controller so we can try the new events. Hope you guys enjoy in the meantime!

TheSaint1126d ago

So you clicked on the topic just to troll? Seems legit, no wonder you've lost two bubbles already.

ZombieKiller1125d ago

Name your 10 cool guy. I mean, you traveled all the way to post so it's only right. We are all dying to hear your reasoning.....really.

DoctorFry1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

1. prolonged loading screens
2. awful matchmaking
3. paying for virtual insurance in a game where you steal cars
4. can't host your own servers with custom settings, unlike GTA IV
5. boring, awfully repetitive and recycled content that didn't involve significantly in the past two years, except for Heists, which were loooong overdue
6. price tags on high end cars scream "grind" or "invest in a shark card"
7. every time you die with a gun equipped, you lose two mags for no reason
8. frequent lag thanks to shitty P2P connection
9. godawful auto aim; PVP takes no skill at all
10. stupid cutbacks and hinderances, for example: you must wait five minutes in between summoning vehicles through your mechanic, and the fact that you lose $200-500 every time you die
11. the game is only somewhat stable in free roam; no one plays contact missions or races anymore

This game needs to die. It didn't deserve the luxury of two years to itself. Where's Red Dead, Rockstar? Or Agent? GTA Online is holding them back since they have their core staff working on it. Thanks to mass shark card sales, don't expect a new Rockstar game until GTA Online settles down.

TheSaint1125d ago

Your ten reasons are mostly terrible and opinionated BS.

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