How Gamer’s Short Attention Spans Are Killing Creativity

Games need to focus on quality, not content. Here are just a few examples of games that did just that, and why we need to get back to them.

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masterfox1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

wrong! games need to focus on quality and content, period!

SniperControl1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

I think the main factor is the amount of games being released, I currently have, Untill Dawn, GeoW Remastered and Forza, with FIFA just around the corner and The Uncharted Collection soon after that, while later my gaming needs will have Battlefront and NFS. I just dont have time to spend time on one game no matter how good it is.

Devs want quick money, now a days, in their eyes it's quantity over quality. You can look at ea with FIFA, Konami with PES or even Activis with the Call of Duty franchise.
At the end of the day, these guys are running a business, with their main aim to make a profit, if cutting corners achieves that, then so be it, i'am not saying it's right.

1540d ago
Mega241540d ago

Totally agreed, but there is those gamers they speak of too. I've seen them.

3-4-51540d ago

The gamers don't create the content so we LITERALLY can't kill creativity.


This article title is terrible.

* We ask for 100 games and publishers / dev's give us like 20 of those and 80 games we never wanted.

* The lack of creativity comes from within the development studios that keep getting pressured by publishers to create the same type of game.

Then indies break off, and STILL do the same stuff.

Too many girls in short skirt games.

Too many pervy boob games.

Too many games with Demons & Spirits

Too many generic, watered down fake wannabe copies of other only somewhat successful games.

* Nobody is copying the good ideas from epic games, but only copying the easy BS that nobody wants any more of.

* It's not our attention span.

* I love playing a good 10 minute round of a FPS game but I also love getting lost and adventuring for hours in an RPG as well.

Don't blame us, when we have to pick between crap,poop,dirt,mud,filth,and ok game, well we pick the ok game.

Doesn't mean we actually love that idea, it's just the best of the bunch that was available at the time.

The blueprints for great games are there but aren't being followed.

Also needs to be said.

The increase in hiring in the gaming industry leads to the decrease in overall skill level of developers.

A good portion of the people making games, aren't good at it, they are just the ones in a position to do it. Doesn't mean they are good at it though.

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Maxor1540d ago

Dunno what this guy is talking about. There's more creativity in video games now than ever. Maybe if he stop playing one genre or platform he'll realize this. Plus the golden age of RPGs in the times of Fallout 1 and 2 isn't as golden as he portray them to be. Once upon a time, there were segments of the fan base who used Fallout 2 as soapbox for everything that is wrong with the industry.

Lets look at it this way. Fallout 2, this amazing RPG master piece, failed to save Interplay and the franchise was thrown on the scrap heap until Bethesda made it into the industry juggernaut that it is today. If that isn't creativity then I don't know what is.

Perjoss1540d ago

The Souls series taught me that playing games which only involved instant gratification was a bit of a disease. Press A for awesome is all well and good but you need to mix things up and play slower, more in depth games too as they often are very rewarding.

Agent_00_Revan1540d ago

That's not true our attention spans are just....hey look! A picture of a character with boobs!!

Crummybear1540d ago

With games like The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid 5, Bloodborne, and Fallout 3 releasing this year, I honestly couldn't think of a better time to be a gamer. Sure, lots of these games are sequels but they are the perfected versions of their former selves. Is he even paying attention?

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