PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U Global Lifetime Sales – August 2015 Update

VGChartz' William D'Angelo writes: "Looking at the total sales of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U in August 2015 we can see that PlayStation 4 has continued to grow its lead over both the Xbox One and Wii U, and has now comfortably outsold both of them combined. The Xbox One is also slowly increasing its lead over the Wii U.

The PlayStation 4 has now passed the 25 million mark, selling 25.45 million units lifetime. The Xbox One has sold 13.88 million units and the Wii U 10.28 million units.

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 25,446,528

Xbox One Total Sales: 13,882,024

Wii U Total Sales: 10,281,251"

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SpaceRanger1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Didn't the PS4 pass the 25 million back in July?
The article makes it seem like it just happened...oh

Under tracking as usual.

Thatguy-3101124d ago

When they announced those numbers they said they were shipped. Wouldn't be surprised if by now they're sold though. Crazy how PS4 is still selling a lot! They should hit 30+ million by March 2016

kneon1124d ago

they will probably pass 30 million by the end of this year. 4th quarter is coming up.

showtimefolks1123d ago


sony expects ps4 to surpass 36.3 million by march 2016. also we have had these shipping vs sold arguments before. once it leaves the publisher's hand it sold to retailers

LeCreuset1123d ago


I'm a PS4 gent, but no one cares about shipped, for good reason. It's not interchangeable with sold through. If retailers don't move those units there's just a bunch of shipped units sitting in a warehouse somewhere, waiting for a price cut to move. Not at all saying that's the case with PS4. Just pointing out why sold through numbers are given more consideration than shipped.

Thatguy-3101123d ago


ummm from the looks of it no one cares for shipped numbers for the reason that they can very much be sitting at the shelves. Hence why when talking about sales we don't count the 15 million that Microsoft shipped since the beginning of the yr. It's made clear by the majority on this website that sold through numbers are more important to shipped.

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loopygames1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

First fiscal quarter ended on June 30, 2015 (Financial results were posted on 7/30/15), Sony sold through to actual customers 25.3 million units. -

It's now 9/18/15 and realistically they should be somewhere close to 30 million units by now.

Subaruwrx1124d ago

@loopy - The PS4 is selling great but there's no way it's sold almost 5 million units since the end of June.

loopygames1124d ago

Sony sold 3 million PS4s last quarter. If they sold another 3 million PS4s this quarter it would bring them to 28.3 million units. 1.7 million units between 28.3 and 30 million units seems pretty "close" to 30 million units... Don't forget this quarter Sony has Until Dawn, Mad Max, Metal Gear Solid V, and Destiny Taken King to help boost hardware sales compared with last quarter.

GribbleGrunger1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

It was 'shipped' back in July and these figures are sold. Also notice they're from August 29th. It doesn't make them right but if you're going to knock something at least be straight with your own numbers.

It's probably hovering around the 26m mark about now. Don't take notice of that 30m for goodness sake.

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Magicite1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

I think PS4 should be getting close to 27m by now and 55% market share, it has been selling more than competition combined for a while now.

Jayszen1123d ago

Yup, PS4 hit 25 million way back in early July. Must be on the 26 million and above mark by now.VGchartz is about three months behind with these stats.

showtimefolks1123d ago

all this talk about MS's recovery under phil spencer yet the gap is only growing and world wide sales will always favor ps4 or PlayStation brand in general

last holiday season it was xbox one will catch ps4 in usa market than it won yet ps4 still won world wide.

now its the better exclusives lineup or being able to play xbox360 games

none of that is gonna make a difference. and no i am not talking like a fanboys or anything. bottom line is the mess up for xbox one's launch IMO has tarnished xbox's image and it may take a while to recover

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Walker1124d ago

VGChartz's sales figures are absolute fake

Spenok1124d ago

The main thing I don't understand, is if people hate this website so much, and they feel it's so irreputable, why do they continue to not only look at the numbers they provide, but comment on the articles?

Perhaps it's due to the fact that they are the only way anyone can get an IDEA of where the consoles are at in-between the actual manufacturers quarterly release of numbers.

Either way. It is literally the SAME comment subject you see in their articles every, single, time.

Are people just that desperate for something to complain about that they will complain about the same thing over and over ad nauseam instead of just ignoring what they supposedly dislike/disagree with?

Spotie1124d ago

That second sentence of yours is the truth. I'd love it if we had more precise numbers and did't have to use VGChartz, especially since we know just how unreliable and biased that site can be. But it's the only thing we've got.

Which is why I don't bother with complaining about their crap anymore. I just operate under the "If these numbers are true" mentality and move on from there.

InTheLab1123d ago

Agree with everything you've said aside from the first part.

I will never stop calling out sites like Kotaku who exist to incite riots, so why should people not attempts to dispute this site? Is that not the point of forums? Discussion of the topic and the site itself, particularly this site, seems fair to me.

Magicite1123d ago

those are guesstimates or something like that.

neocores1124d ago

Playstaion has came out and said in july they have SOLD 25MIL NOT SHIPPED.... IDK WHY THESE NUMBER R LOW.

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