Halo 5: Guardians Limited Editions And Hardware Detailed

Ready to dive in to Halo 5: Guardians but don’t know where to start? Fear not Spartan, because 343 Industries’ Josh Holmes and I have joined together to talk about all the latest Halo 5 goodness releasing this year.

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christocolus1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Looking great. I want it all. that controller looks so cool. I wish i could get everything on that table. :(

Black0ut1548d ago

Me too! =(

I was going to wait for the Halo console but I just had to go for the Forza one the other day. Truly jealous of everyone who has one pre-ordered!

Looking great all around

Automatic791548d ago

Yes the console looks beautiful and so does the controller

3-4-51548d ago

I'm going with Standard disc, but this all does look good.

BattleAxe1548d ago

I'm definitely getting that console. It's the best looking console I've seen...probably ever.

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-Foxtrot1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I would have gotten the big edition but the fact they charging £199 for it including a Steelbook case which doesn't even give you the game it's a big no from me. Plus the statue is made by Project Triforce.

They are the people who give people faulty stuff in the Dragon Age Inquisition CE (still haven't sorted it out) and then failed to deliver the Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition (no explanation). If you check their Facebook group there rating was plummeted because of their crappy service.

Oh by the way for any Halo fan who can't pay £199 or even the £79.99 GAME is making you pay for the smaller edition, you can get it here for much cheaper, like £20 off

It's not the big edition but it's something

donthate1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

"I would have gotten the big edition but the fact they charging £199 for it including a Steelbook case which doesn't even give you the game it's a big no from me."


The game is included in all editions. Did you mean to say something else?

The statue looks really bad @ss though, but I don't have space.

-Foxtrot1548d ago

Yeah but it's giving you a download code.

It's them trying to be cheap.

They expect fans to buy a £200 edition of their game and despite including a Steelbook they are giving us a download code.

They are probably hoping we'd buy another copy to fill up that Steelbook.

Kingdomcome2471548d ago

@Fox- They've already stated that people will have the option to opt for a physical disc as opposed to just the download code.

Rookie_Monster1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

"Yeah but it's giving you a download code. 
It's them trying to be cheap."

Lol, it is not them being cheap. If you haven't already noticed, the main reason why MS is providing the Digital code instead of a physical copy of the game is because the CE is released and customer can pick it up on the 20th of Oct vice the 26th. The code is basically for preloading the game on HDD but won't get activated until the 27th to prevent people from playing it early and post spoilers all over the net. MS can't control that with a disc copy;thus, that is why it is digital. And yes, the UK also get the CE on the 20th as well just like the US.
Please Note: Product released on Tuesday 20th October, Halo 5: Guardians game will be supplied as a digital download and will not be playable until 27th October.

The disc copy option has already been addressed by MS as well and you can indeed exchange the digital Halo 5 voucher of the CE for a disc copy.

The weird thing is you already commented on the news 2 months ago when it was detailed so how do you all of a sudden forget that was the case?

-Foxtrot  63d ago
"This is going to get complicated as they'll have to notify the number of retailers in different parts of the world who are getting this to see if they will allow them to trade them in."

Even with that announcement, you still somehow spinned it into a negative.

4Sh0w1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I already have an X1 but I want that Halo5 console so bad. The statue would be the thickest icing on a cake that there ever was too.

-lol, Rookie Monster I was reading his post thinking -daaayumm this guy just loves to complain about everything, I also was wondering why he was still saying:

"Yeah but it's giving you a download code.

It's them trying to be cheap"

...Lets just forget that it was a decision made to accomadate logistics along with more and more folks going digital for convenience, either way Microsoft addressed the concern some had about owning a physical copy VERY quickly, so ANYBODY who complained because they *REALLY wanted Halo5 disc copy would know that they already give the option= Yet here he is still spewing misinformation and as always complaining about nothing. lol, reading your post gave me a good laugh, it really highlights his typical *concern trolling. lmfao, I don't believe anything he has to say about X1/Halo for 1 second.

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Black0ut1548d ago

Thanks for the link Fox. Seeing all these editions is getting me so excited for October 27th. OMG it's only a month and a week away... ^__________^

AizenSosuke1548d ago

Looking good Nice bundle though I already have an Xbox ONE already:(

Manic20141548d ago

Looks pretty sweet!

Also just realised all the Limited Edition items are inspired by Spartan Locke and not Master Chief (Apart from the LE controller). Hope they're not hinting towards a character transition.

Apart from that can't wait until the 27th Oct!

ScorpiusX1548d ago

that would be stupid nobody likes Locke , shit I can't stand him. hoping his character is one story and done.

81BX1548d ago

I like locke, and the way the story is sounding im gonna have a blast with the campaign

OpieWinston1548d ago

The MC Astro Headset already came out early in the year.

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