DICE Confirms Star Wars Battlefront Will Have Dedicated Servers

Speaking to PlayStation LifeStyle at TGS 2015, Star Wars Battlefront Lead Heroes Designer Jamie Keen confirmed that the game will indeed use dedicated servers.

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donthate1540d ago

Let's just hope EA dedicated servers are as good as Azure servers and not like BF4.


Paleblood1540d ago

Was Halo collection was running on Azure servers? Because that was a real mess.

HammadTheBeast1539d ago

BF4 servers after they fixed them up are fine, as long as you choose one near you.

donthate1539d ago


Halo:MCC that was just a f' up by outsourcing work by MS and taking on a too ambitious project as a fanservice.

See Titanfall for how buttery smooth it can run. Just plain amazing!

MONOLITHICIDE1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Hey off topic is anyone else seeing driveclub full game for $14.99? American PSN store if anyone looks. I have the game already but am I triping.

Skate-AK1540d ago

Nope. It's only $15 now. $13 for the season pass and $20 for the game and season pass if you have PS+.

iceman061540d ago

Tis true! UK got the price drop about a week early, I believe. Now, we get it in the US. So glad, too, because I was waiting for a price drop (after seeing the UK) for that season pass. This deal is too good to pass up...for me at least.

sergons1540d ago

Hallelujah, really? bf3, bf4 also uses crappy Hybrid hit-detection not full server side. Oh yes, EA needs to save money somehow...

just_looken1539d ago

Now we wait to see what the netcode is like watch it will be like hardline or at 15htz.

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excaliburps1540d ago

Yay! Now show us the game won't be shallow...please.

Summons751540d ago

If you've seen any of the demos or read the previews you should know very well it's not.

wakeNbake1540d ago

Dissapointment of the year guaranteed. And the main complaints will be amount of content and replayability mark my words.

HammadTheBeast1539d ago

All the Battlefront games have been shallow.

AizenSosuke1540d ago

Yes now Battlefront please don't be lame.....!

SmokingMonkey1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Do all Xbox1 games run on XBlive servers ONLY? (the cloud)

If they do, then do EA's servers only "serve" Playstation/PC/360/ etc.?

Real questions, not trolling anything.

mhunterjr1540d ago

No, not all of Xbox one games use dedicated servers...

lxlkuyaboilxl1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

I think it's up to the developers to use their cloud service Azure for multiplayer. It seems like Microsoft tries to promote dedicated servers by offering their servers at a better price than other ISPs.

I had to look it up, but the devs at Respawn talked about it at the bottom half of this article in 2013.

SmokingMonkey1540d ago

That did help, 1st party obviously does. Certain 2nd/3rd party do as well.

I asked because I used to work at Gstop last year before the Destiny Launch. The Microsoft Rep, said that Destiny DID run on XBlive Dedicated Servers, and asked us to tell that to customers deciding where to play Destiny.

I asked him; Since XB1's have dedicated servers for Destiny, then doesn't that mean That the PS4 gets Bungie's server's all to themselves? Or at least only serving PS3/PS4/360?

He obviously didn't know. ...and neither did I.

MysticStrummer1540d ago

Not sure what that MS rep was talking about.

"Enabling this holy grail of online gaming are two important technologies. The first is Destiny's hybrid networking design, which locates itself somewhere between the server/client relationship of MMOs, where the world you're playing runs almost entirely on a distant server, and the peer-to-peer system of most online console gaming, where information is traded directly between players' machines."

Both consoles use the same servers for that second part.

"To get the network running, Bungie bought up a huge data centre in Las Vegas. "The interesting thing about Las Vegas is, you get a lot of natural disasters walking down up and down the strip, but you don't get a lot of true natural disasters affecting the landscape," says Parsons. "There are no earthquakes, no hurricanes, no floods – it's perfect." This facility then connects with various rented server centres worldwide, and with PlayStation and Xbox online infrastructures."

Tedakin1540d ago

If it's multiplayer only, it damn well better!

Perjoss1540d ago

its not multiplayer only

Tedakin1540d ago

I thought there was no campaign at all?

Perjoss1539d ago

There is no campaign but you can play missions on your own.

SnotyTheRocket1540d ago

There's a bot mode. Also split screen.

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The story is too old to be commented.