Are the Oliver Twins planning a new Dizzy game?

Here is a true blast from the very dust-caked past for those of you of a certain age, and those who remember when 8-bit games where just actually called “games”.

If can you recall when we traded these games upon magnetic tape we called “cassettes”, then you will also remember a certain egg from the Oliver Twins and Codemasters who wore red boots and red boxing gloves.

This egg was called Dizzy and we all loved him. The platform-jumping, puzzle-solving hard-shelled ovum was brilliant – and he may be coming back!

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SniperControl1540d ago

Hell yeah, grew up playing Dizzy on my Speccy, would love a new Dizzy game.

hiredhelp1540d ago

Lol join club m8 Good days.

donwel1539d ago

Me too man, I grew up on Dizzy back on the zx spectrum.
I remember they released a new Dizzy game a year or so ago on iOS and (I think) Android, but they didn't sell all that well from what I recall. Plus I don't think the quality was all that great, I really hope they release another though. Presumably they'd need to wrestle the rights off Codemaster first though.

TheSaint1538d ago

Bunch of old bastards, oh wait, I played it too. Dang it!

Dark_Overlord1539d ago

These games deserve a collection of all titles on PSN/XBL/Steam :)

1nsomniac1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Please, please let this be true.

I still have the original collection on cassette along with an Amstrad CPC464 to play them. Just haven't got it in me to sit & pray for half an hour, hoping that it will load without crashing. My heart couldn't take it.

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