Futuridium VR for PS4’s PlayStation VR Gets New Screenshots; Will Be a Full Sequel to Futuridium

Futuridium developer Mixed Bag just came bearing gifts in the form of a press release including a screenshot of Futuridium VR (which you can see above), an off-screen picture, a piece of artwork and some new info.

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S2Killinit1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I feel like VR is going to usher us into a new phase of gaming where FUN and GAMEPLAY (and ofcourse IMMERSION) will once again take center stage. Its definitely exciting.

PS: so many games are being announced for PS4. Now we are getting Playstation VR titles on top. (I guess we should start calling it PSVR ?)

Edit: it seens that Sony has recently implied that PSVR will be about the price of the PS4. It makes sense to me. Its a day one in my case but im sure a lot of people would find it steep? I personally think cheaping out wouldnt be a good thing either so im glad they are giving us a solid headset. And i dont think VR costing any less would have been realistic. Im glad its coming what do you guys think?

stalepie1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I wish it were less than that because add-ons to systems are a hard sell since there's always new customers and they don't want to pay so much up front. Even a dedicated fan starts to see his console as "400+" when many of the best games require the peripheral (not to mention yearly PS+ to really play some of these games). So it's quite a gamble if they don't get it down in price, imo. (Hey, I lived through the Sega CD, alright!?)

S2Killinit1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Haha yeah Sega CD i remember. I think/hope its a different situation here since we're still getting the regular games and the VR ones wont really replace them, they are going to be, seperate experiences for the most part. But hey, no risk no glory right? Im personally stoked.

Unrelated: i think they've said that PSVR will be launching with 10 games at launch.

stalepie1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I'm not sure how to reply to a second response here,.. but I think what they might do with some games is provide special VR-enabled sequences in otherwise normal games (like an Assassin's Creed) or in the case or racing games, perhaps add in VR compatibility (though racing games can be pretty graphics intensive so maybe not). But the way that one E3 demo seemed, The Getaway, it was like a piece of a much bigger game. So if you didn't have the headset you'd play an alternate normal version of that sequence as you do the rest of the game. Just an idea. I have no idea what they're planning.

But short, vignette-like sequences might be sellable on their own if they're intense enough. Scary stuff like PT or the shark demo, or whatever. Sex sells too, though they probably don't really want to go there. But it would be big money.

There's also talk (or plans?) of fully 3D/VR movies being made, isn't there? I haven't kept up with that. But i'd think they'd be compatible with PlayStation Video.

jb2271123d ago


I agree with your ideas. I also think it'd be cool to introduce short playable skydiving or slacklining type stuff. All of those daredevil GoPro videos are big business on YouTube, VR is the perfect medium to allow people to live vicariously through some of these daredevils, racing huge waves scaling tall buildings or mountains, all of these kinds of things would really make a great addition to shorter traditional game experiences and VR sections in console oriented games.

As far as VR movies I'd say that's a definite possibility. Guys like James Cameron are all about utilizing new tech for films and pushing that medium forward, at the very least I could see some great short films being made w/ the tech if it could be done properly. Robert Zemeckis already has a VR experience for his new Man on a Wire film based off of the gentleman who walked that wire across the skyscrapers back in the 70s. I think he's just taking it to special events & theaters but hopefully the timelines will sync up where it could be included on the Man on a Wire bd ps4 release.

stalepie1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )


I agree, definitely. I was thinking there could even be something like "VR themes" you download for low prices (or free) like themes for consoles that are just backgrounds and icon changes, but these could be an environment you play your normal games in, like on top of a skyscraper looking over and the game is projected onto the sky, but around you is the party on the skyscraper (with VR friends hanging out -- PS Home style I guess), or over a beach, or things like that. Fireworks shows, even. There's a lot of ideas. But definitely bite sized downloads for little money might be the thing. Some people report that they don't want to wear the headsets for a long time and get tired of it.

On the other hand I wouldn't want VR just to be "walking simulators" or "experiences" - I think there's great potential for challenging and fun games too that make use of the need to look around quickly and under and around things. The recent Valve demo Aperture Robot Repair showed the player getting under the robot like a car mechanic at one point. VR may not change the game completely (because in many ways it's just a right analog stick) but it makes things much more visceral.

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reallyNow1124d ago

I'm going to pretty much use the VR exclusively as a HMD whenever I'm gaming alone. Can't wait.

jb2271124d ago

Whoa, so PSVR can be used as an hmd for any output from the console? I hadn't heard that, if that's true then that's pretty killer indeed. I've got a decent size tv but I'd assume an hmd would make things even larger & crisper. The VR aspect in & of itself is really cool but the added versatility of being able to use it for any game or video makes it even cooler for me personally.

stalepie1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

That'd be great if they did that, but not sure if they've actually said. They've said on more than one occasion that games have to be specially designed for VR and I'm not sure if they're setting it up for movies/tv/any games. But they'd be smart to do so because there may not be a lot of content at first and it might cost a lot, which will limit sales and developer interest. (Hopefully they can get the prices down. Sub $300?)

It could also tie in with their PS Vue program. Give "added value," as they like to say.

jb2271124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )


I definitely agree, I'm interested at the prospect of 10 unique VR experiences but I'm much more interested at the prospect of those 10 plus the potential of hmd functionality for everything across the medium. I hadn't heard of this but it would certainly make the immediate idea of a purchase much more viable for anyone interested. I'm not expecting to be able to plug up and play Uncharted 4 in full VR or to be able to watch Netflix content in the same manner, but just being able to view these things in the standard hd format through the hmd would be pretty cool. Doesn't seem like it'd be an insurmountable hurdle really when you think about it, there's a 1080 display, outputting that signal from the ps4 to PSVR should be as easy as plugging up a console to an hd television, but I'm no expert, maybe it is more intensive than that. Either way it'd be a worthwhile prospect I'd say.

CiliCanadian1123d ago

There has been no confirmation from SONY that Playstation VR will be usable as 3D theater-type display yet. However, since Oculus had that capacity from the start, it seems like this would be fairly easy to do.
It would be a huge selling point for PSVR if it can be used as a 'regular' display for any PS4 so I am sure SCE has looked into it. I wouldn't be surprised if it's announced at Paris or Playstation Experience.

reallyNow1121d ago

ugh, i meant to reply to you: I saw them say it in a presentation before that it can be used as a HD HMD when not in a VR game. I haven't heard it mentioned since. I'll try to get an answer and report back.

reallyNow1121d ago

I saw them say it in a presentation before that it can be used as a HD HMD when not in a VR game. I haven't heard it mentioned since. I'll try to get an answer and report back.