What Has The Best Local Multiplayer?

Think you know local multiplayer games?! You probably do, but check out this list of best local multiplayers from our TZR writers!

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MPScrimshaw1549d ago

Local multiplayer is awesome. Having people around is so much more fun than playing online.

shocked6861549d ago

Wow I forgot about Worms Armageddon, what a great game.

ZeroSkerbo1549d ago

Dude so many good ones. PSO all day!

user99502791549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

My buddy and I play worms all the time. Great fun when you know what you're doing.

I would say that Ghost Recon Future Soldier's Guerilla mode is a must-play if you like tactical TPS. Its incredible. Have played it far too much.

Also, Splinter Cell Blacklist has a wave-based mode that is incredibly fun locally. If anyone here has the game, I encourage you to try the Afghanistan Embassy on hard with a buddy. Good. Fkn. Luck.

Dial it up to realistic and you might as well just drop the controller and cry to save yourself the time.

Also Master Chief Collection has enough split screen content to kill a baby gorilla.

spicelicka1549d ago

The times I've had with Halo 1 and 2....can NEVER forget

B_Rickaby1549d ago

I miss those weekend LAN parties playing Halo. Some of the best times I ever had with friends screaming and shouting at each other.

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The story is too old to be commented.