Meet Truant Pixel – The People Creating Custom PS4 Themes

PlayStation LifeStyle talks to the studio making custom PS4 themes! Watch the videos and check the in-development themes now.

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excaliburps1549d ago

I'm all for this as long as Sony doesn't charge a ton for each. It's time we have more PS4 themes! And I don't want any that are loud, either. Who the hell wants loud sounds when moving icons and such?!

SaveFerris1549d ago

I guess this company isn't the one producing those lame 'YOLO' or 'NOOB GAMER' themes in the PSN store. The Sakura one seems nice, if a bit too loud.

StormLegend1549d ago

I just want free themes!

Why can't we have the option to download them like on PS3 from a website?
No one wants to pay for pictures and wait for the good ones.

Null1549d ago

I don't know who disagreed with you but some of the greatest themes on the ps3 where entirely free and you had to download them yourselves(from a site like I don't understand why we have to pay for themes..

LA_Zeo1549d ago

Sony needs to get it together with taking a year + just for themes in general. Shout, will we have to wait till update 4.00 just to be able customize our backgrounds? Not to mention customizable avatars, I can count on all my fingers and toes how many friends have sack boy avatars.

Null1549d ago

I don't think you have a ps4 because you could have a custom avatar on the ps4 since day one.

Skate-AK1549d ago

Download the mobile app and you can use any picture on the Internet as an avatar.

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