PlayStation VR on PS4: Watch Me Destroy Titan in the Awesome Final Fantasy XIV Tech Demo

Watch Giuseppe of DualShockers stomp the massive (but defanged) Titan on PlayStation VR.

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fullmetal1561549d ago

Wow looks so cool. Where you able to see the whole battlefield,party, and AOE circles this game is all about moving. I wanna try it soooo bad

Abriael1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Yep, I was. Tho Titan was super weakened. I actually get hit by the AOE on purpose once to see the fall (and it jumps you back up lol).

richierich1549d ago

Abriael what did you think of the resolution in PS VR? Is there a noticeable screendoor effect? I am considering buying the PS VR headset when it is released. I had a DK2 but the screendoor effect was too distracting for me.

Abriael1549d ago

richie: just a bit, it was subtle enough not to be disturbing for me.

lameguy1548d ago

Besides you staring at his crotch the entire fight, do you really think this would be a viable way to play -- for extended periods of time and to adequately take in all the party/AOE data being presented?

I'm still unsold on non-first person experiences in VR.

Abriael1548d ago

Lameguy. This was a quite quick and dirty port, but it still was a lot of fun. To be viable for general gameplay, it need lots of polish, but it could work

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HawaiianDreads1548d ago

Does his crotch have teeth?

S2Killinit1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Well it seems that Sony rep has implied that the price point will be around the price of the console, and will be launching with 10 titles at launch! I think the price makes sense. But im sure it would be a bit steep for some people. Im personally a Day 1. What do you guys think?

I think its fair considering its an expensive piece of gadgetry.

FunAndGun1548d ago

For me personally I think anything under $400 is reasonable for what it is and the technology involved. I am buying one regardless. I don't mind being an early adopter.
I remember going to a large arcade maybe 15 years ago and trying a VR game with the HMD and a shooting/gun peripheral. Ever since that moment I was amazed with VR.

ABizzel11548d ago


The console could be $299 - $349 by then (actually is $349 in JP in Oct.), so it's not too steep for the Day 1 PS4 owners, but it definitely rules out mass appeal. $349 for camera bundle, $299 for VR headset only.

The 10 launch titles is the bigger issue IMO, and hopefully they really work with developers on patch older games like Dying Light to have VR (since they're getting VR support on PC). Change the graphics settings to low / medium, lock it at 30fps, and give it a VR mode.

specialguest1548d ago

The video doesn't do VR justice. The sense of scale when you see a huge monster up close is to be marveled when you're actually experiencing VR.

Viryu1548d ago

Well, you gotta observe the ground a lot when fighting big trial bosses. Especially Titan and his plumes.

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