The New Xbox One Experience Starts Rolling Out To Preview Today

Major Nelson:
Rolling out to a subset of preview program members in waves starting this weekend is the first hands-on look at the new Xbox One experience. At its core, the new Xbox One interface is centered around making it quick and easy for you to access and discover what you want, when you want. Our focus for the completely redesigned dashboard is speed, ease of use, and—of course—fan feedback.

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Death1178d ago

Looks like the Windows 10 Xbox app.

user99502791178d ago

lol. 2 disagrees. That's EXACTLY what it looks like.

Need proof that ppl have their heads up their ass? there ya go.

I might have a new dash waiting for me at home... =D

4Sh0w1178d ago

Nice, it was all instant....definitely Windows 10 right there, with of course X1 gaming features heavily mixed in.

I really wanted to do the preview for this but the warning of possible game save data being deleted was too much to bear....too many games I don't want to lose progress in.

TheGreatGamer1178d ago

Oh I'm hoping to get in this weekend, only level 8 so not sure if I will but can always hope! Good luck to everyone hoping to get in

Death1178d ago

Check the known bugs to make sure you want in this early. If you play ESO you might want to hold off. There are a couple others listed that might make you think twice. If you haven't done so you need to go to the preview app and opt in for the NXE since the default is to opt out.

TheGreatGamer1178d ago

I've opted in and the games experiencing issues are games that I don't own so not going to be a problem for me. Also, there's obviously going to be bugs (we're getting it 2 months early) but I want to help improve it and provide feedback which is, after all, the whole point of the preview program

Blaze9291178d ago

this is the one preview im actually going to pass. The risk don't really seem worth it tbh - restricted access to certain features for who knows how long, bugs and glitches for a major update sure to be there, nah.

If I had two XB1s tho then hell yeah.

donthate1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

The bugs doesn't affect everyone and in some cases in only some instances, but it is a very ambitious release so I expect some growing pain for sure!

But yeah, it looks a lot scarier than it is. People just have to be informed and set expectations right.

I have been in every preview since the Xbox 360 first NXE, so I hope I get selected.

Death1178d ago

I might have opted out since the games with the bugs are the ones I'm playing if I didn't have two Xbox One's in my house. I only plan on previewing NXE on one of the console I have.

UnHoly_One1178d ago

Yeah I'm anxious to see if I get in the first batch or not. If they are just going by the leaderboard I will be in, I'm like number 480 overall on the preview leaderboard but I'm not sure if that is all they are going by.

I don't spend much time giving feedback on the forum or anything like that, mostly because I have had almost no issues with the preview program, it's usually bug free.

WitWolfy1178d ago

Same here, plus whats with some of the side quests like.. download a upnp player and use the emdia players streaming capability?

UnHoly_One1178d ago

Yeah I've missed out on a number of quests that required things I didn't have.

Lots of Android only stuff before they were able to release a smartglass beta on iOS, and then recently they did a lot of Windows 10 stuff when it was still in early preview.

But I try to do all the basic stuff at least. :)

whitesoxfalife19761178d ago

dam the one day i dont bring my system to work with me i will check when i get home

stiggs1178d ago

"bring my system to work with me"

Wait, what?

whitesoxfalife19761178d ago

yeah i have the privilege to be able game while at work

DeeJayQc1178d ago

Ok.. officialy, my job sucks... :)

u4one1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

get the smartglass app. you can do most things remotely. at the very least you can view your notifications and messages. thats how i opted in for the new experience from work when they dropped the invites.

whitesoxfalife19761178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

we are not talking about checking for the message its the actual update now, you know when you turn ya console on and its said ready to update.....i was simply saying normally i takes my game system to work with me to play my game cuz i can do that at my job since im here for 10-12hrs a day. I have a very cool boss

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Paytaa1178d ago

I hope I get in. This UI design to me is perfect. Really want to give it a shot and test it out.

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