Destiny Easy Exotic Farming With Three of Coins Exploit

PSLS reports on a way to earn a silly amount of Exotic Engrams through the Three of Coins!

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excaliburps1547d ago

Boom! Trying this now. :D

N4G3RZ1547d ago

Please post back your results. I would be interested to see if this works.

Christopher1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I did it with 15 coins. Got 3 exotics with them. While it does work, it was just a boring and tedious as the old loot caves. Also, note that right now the only exotics that seem to drop for Y2 are armor.

Snookies121546d ago

I used 10 Three of Coins and only got one exotic drop. Unfortunately for me, it was an exotic I already had... :\

PudgeyBurrito1546d ago

Got 6 from about 30 today stacking in 3's. All Armour. All year 2's. Mostly Helmets.

ITPython1547d ago

Interesting, gonna try this after work. Just hope bungie doesn't get in there and fix it before I do (unlikely, but knowing my luck this could happen). Hopefully I can get something, as I totally screwed myself by wasting 31 coins on the heavy engram not realizing that it was a legacy only engram. Total fail on my part. It was the vast majority of every coin I had too.

Also here's another thought, what about the second or third mission on earth where you have to kill the boss that crawls out of the tube? He is an ultra right? Probably a little easier to whittle his health down before suicide rocketing him. Whereas Drasksis goes and hides after hitting him a few times, then waves upon waves of enemy's spawn. But I guess either way not a big deal, since the buff only goes away after killing him.

Wedge191547d ago

It's not really farming. You still need to spend Strange coins to get the Three of Coins, so depending on how many of these you use, it may be more or less lucrative than just buying exotics with Strange Coins or waiting for drops organically. Not really game breaking, so I doubt Bungie will fix it.

PhucSeeker1547d ago

Yeah, still have to spend hours in the game to get exotic.

jjb19811547d ago

I got:
Alpha lutari
No backup plans
And a hunter exotic I can't recall the name.
It works so do it now before they patch it

Halo2ODST21547d ago

Are you Blind? They put this in the game for a reason duhhhh, why would they patch it, it works as they intended!

ITPython1546d ago

It is confirmed, they are patching it and nerfing the drop rate. This was posted by Bunngie on their forums.

So use while you can, as they will probably be next to useless once bungie nerfs them.

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