Unreal Tournament - Latest Build Now Available, Pre-Alpha Season Trailer

Epic Games released a new trailer for its free-to-play arena shooter, Unreal Tournament.

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BenRage31219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Brings back memories of a classic game. My question is how is this game going to evolve it's formula? It looks very similar to previous incarnations beyond the obvious bump in graphics.

john21219d ago

It's awesome, really awesome. Glad we got a triple-A F2P arena shooter

KurtRussell1218d ago

It's gameplay has actually devolved compared to UT2k4, as unfortunately they limited maneuvering options by dumping dodge-jump and double-jump, meaning less skill needed to play. It's just a better looking UT99 with a bit faster gunplay. But still a great game.

Gwiz1218d ago

They've made UT F2P?Hmm..

bharathwajravi1216d ago

Space concept....nice game play