Bloodborne The Old Hunters will add over 10 Weapons - SCE Interview

Fextralife interviews Yasuhiro Kitao, head of marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, regarding the upcoming Bloodborne Expansion: The Old Hunters. In this interview, it is confirmed that the DLC will feature more than one new area and bosses, as well as more than 10 new weapons, plus details on upcoming patches and changes to the core game!

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jon_snow1178d ago

YES!YES!YES...Can't wait to return to the most beautiful and addictive nightmare.

KwietStorm1178d ago

Damn I wasn't expecting that many.

TomatoDragon1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Oh man.
10 new weapons.
3 new areas
new gear
new arcane
Multiple bosses
New npcs
Different summoning bells
Chalice dungeon changes
multiplayer changes
seems like there may be new gems and runes

Can't wait.

silvacrest1178d ago

nice, i really wanted a reason to jump back in to bloodborn, new weapons alone probably would have done it but all of this is great too

SpinalRemains1381173d ago

Same here.

I played some today on NG+ and took out Paarl and the Yarguul crawly boss.

Felt like I never put it down 5 months ago.

GoTY for me!

Haru1178d ago

This is what I call a true DLC, which i wroth every single dime

Forn1178d ago

This is going to be EPIC!

slappy5081178d ago

I've never Been this excited over DLC

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The story is too old to be commented.