Need For Speed - Brand New Stunning Screenshots Released

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have revealed some brand new screenshots for Need For Speed.

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demonddel1223d ago

For a game that's being released soon I don't see to many videos out there at least Let me know if it's only night and city racer or something because if so guess I will be on playing forza 6 for the rest of the year

shloobmm31223d ago

From what i have heard it is only night time racing. Not sure about the city.

Pintheshadows1223d ago

It has to be said, that this is pretty. I am just not sure on getting another NFS. Even with the gap I feel like the series was starting to outlive its welcome.

Forn1223d ago

Why are we only getting screenshots from this game EA? Ohhh, I know...

mafiahajeri1223d ago

Youtube is littered with gameplay videos from youtube channels and not EA, and their holding a beta soon.

So in short what are you talking about? Conspiracy theorists...

OhMyGandhi1223d ago

if the game looks ANYTHING like this:

this may be the single most beautiful racing game I've seen.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081223d ago

Yes it will look like that! all in-game.

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