A Dozen Hours Into ‘Destiny: The Taken King’, and Bungie’s Shooter Is Finally Proving Its Worth

The game's first year was a mixed bag, but now 'Destiny' is living up to its blockbuster potential.

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Snookies121549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I definitely agree. I really didn't like Destiny's first year. After getting Taken King however, I've already put roughly 30 hours into it. This is what the game should have been, and now I'm more than happy to be on board with it.

Neonridr1549d ago

I plugged countless hours into year 1. I am happy to see a lot of the changes implemented into year two so far. Question is, will there be enough content to sustain us once we have beaten the raid a few times and gotten all the high end drops.

I do love the new quest system though, makes you feel like you are completing mini stories.

masterfox1549d ago

you pay 140 bucks for just one game!, glad your happy and helping big corporations of greed.

And NO is not an expansion.

Thanks for your support -Bungie/Activision wuhahahaha

-Foxtrot1549d ago

Thanks for your support SUCKERS - Bungie/Activision wuhahahaha


ChronoJoe1549d ago

I think people are paying for what they see as value. A lot of people are enjoying and playing Destiny, and this expansion for in excess of 100hours. For a lot of people, that represents good value for money if they're having a good time, and I don't blame them.

I think I've spent a good 300 hours on Destiny. It's had its faults, there are certainly stronger and weaker aspects of the experience, but overall... I find it to be very enjoyable.

Snookies121548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Um, no... I paid $60 for the game as well as all the expansions... I realize some did not have that opportunity, but I'm stating things as is. If you don't have the game, the expansion is more than worth it bundled together. I've gotten more play time out of Destiny in the past week than I have on most games coming out these days.

Ricegum1548d ago

@Foxtrot & Master

I just bought Destiny, Dark Below, House Of Wolves and Taken King plus the weapons pack from Tesco for £40.

I'd say that is a pretty decent deal if you ask me.

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3-4-51548d ago

Good to know that when I do come back to it, that it's actually worth doing so.

I actually traded the game in a few days before this launched, as I'll be playing other games and wanted a break from Destiny.

Most likely buy it again with Year 3, that way I'll have a ton of content to catch up on.

dimasok1549d ago

Am I the only one who finds the game boring by now? Sure, its a massive improvement over Year One no doubt, but ever since I left the game, I was only able to finish the first two story missions on Year Two since the 15th and I lack the motivation to play it.

I guess Year One really did wear me out.

Snookies121548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Are you in a good clan? Do you have friends who play? These things are extremely important for Destiny. Granted, I was enjoying the game solo, but it's so much better with friends. My buddies and I have been pulling all-nighters since the expansion came out.

leafari1548d ago

yea its worth is 60+40+40=$140 *tax not included*

mayberry1548d ago

After my $140, Destiny is getting to be a great title, but the content should've/could've Ben in the $60 game. The free-to-play game War frame has more content and is free!