Worthplaying Previews Resistance: Retribution

Worthplaying reports:

''First off, this is another shooter on the PSP that uses the four face buttons in lieu of a second analog stick. If this is a problem for you, then you may as well stop reading now. I don't want to see you on GameFAQs in six months complaining about it; you were warned, straight up, up front, black and white.

Resistance: Retribution is set between Resistance: Fall of Man, the PS3 launch title that dealt with an alien invasion of the UK, and the forthcoming Resistance 2. It's meant to bridge the gap between the two games' stories and answer a few questions that remained after the original Resistance. Retribution is being developed by the SCEA Bend studio, the same house that created the recent Syphon Filter games on the PSP.

At the end of Resistance, the Chimera were prevented from taking control of the UK, but they still hold most of Europe. One of the surviving British soldiers, James Grayson, is in prison awaiting execution. After being forced to shoot his brother in order to prevent him from becoming one of the Chimera's drones, Grayson deserted the army and went on a one-man commando mission against the Chimera, destroying several of their conversion centers. (Of course, since ordinary human troops had the average lifespan of a snowball in hell in Resistance, it's anyone's guess how Grayson managed to do this. It's probably the fact that he has a name.)''

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