PS4 Doubles Its Games Count At TGS 2015 Followed By Vita, Up YOY; More Than 100 PS4 Games Showcased

PS4 has proven its popularity at the currently on-going Tokyo Game Show 2015 by having more than 100 games being showcased at the tradeshow. This is up massively over last year’s TGS, where PS4 had less than 50 games showcased at the tradeshow.

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suckingeggs1549d ago

Ps4 has diversity on lock right now

chrisx1549d ago

As always, since the Ps1 era

suckingeggs1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

still got Paris next month and PlayStation experience aswell to come both THIS YEAR ... Sony are going hard right now

Sony themselves didnt know why they were selling so well.... THIS IS WHY SONY.. Games games and more games of all genres...

FreddyFazbear1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

You have to consider that since sony has still 2 conferences to attend, then they still have "Plenty" to show at paris games week and especially, most especially PS experience which I think is their main event of the year. And yet the other fans in their own world still think sony has less games and mediocre ones LOL. I just cannot wait to see the surprises here. Since these past months and weeks the headlines are full of MS gamescom, cloud, DX12 etc. and holiday AAA games firing bullet after bullet. SOny and PS4 just like V in V for vendetta will say "My turn"!!

AngelicIceDiamond1549d ago

TGS was a success as always for Sony.

Kingthrash3601549d ago

I've been saying this for a while.
Gamers want games.
We get excited and we will buy your games if you bring them.
They appeal to all sorts of gamers young and old, hardcore and casual, collectors and sportheads,fps and rpgs.
When you have a console that appeals to all gamers it will sell.
Nintendo needs more games and xbox needs diversity.
Both xbox and the wiiu need new ips. Look at how well splatoon sold. Look at how people want quantum break and scalebound. It's ok to have old ip's buy you can't ride the same games for years and think it's gunna sell consoles.
Sony is showing it's competition what gamers want.....and it's games.

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AizenSosuke1549d ago

Diversity PS over 9000! Xbox diversity equals Ganju LOL

BTW Just joking on the Ganju part!

NeoGamer2321549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

How do you know that?

I read the article and there was no real mention of what game names, descriptions, and what genre each game is in.

Just by looking at the list I see that it does not breakout platforming and strategy games as a category.

Also, there is no mention of how many games are new on the list as compared to what has been already announced at E3, Gamescom, etc.

Also, a lot of the TGS games never make it outside of Japan. TGS is mostly for the Asian crowd.

Finally, quantity does not mean quality. There are a lot of games out on all platforms. That doesn't mean that every platform has diversity.

suckingeggs1549d ago


You state alot of the games from tgs never make it outside of Japan... Yet then state no mention of how many games were shown at e3...

If they never make it out of Japan I'm guessing they wouldn't have been at e3...

Do Japanese games not count as diversity or are you of USA=THE WORLD mentality? Have Sony not shown a few jrpg's that are getting western releases?

You talk about quality over quantity I suggest you go check the lists.. Not that it bothers me as I play both consoles but ps4 has more games rated higher than 90 than the Xbox one and Im sure Wii u probably has more than both of those consoles.

So again (in no disrespect to any other console I might add as Im not into that fanboy mess) yup the ps4 has diversity on lock

Davi1231549d ago

So, you are lazy and want the full list? Go search for yourself! Here are some of the games showed in TGS:

- Gravity Rush 2
- World of FF
- Nioh
- Dragon Quest Builders
- Digimon Story

Here you have! 5 of them, go search the others 95 games!

JMyers1549d ago

Regardless of them not making it out of Japan doesn't mean the games aren't relevant while adding diversity. Some may come, others can be imported fairly reasonably. It shows that the PS4 is a global console, offering different games to different markets. Not something that the competition can really state.

NeoGamer2321549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

The funny thing is in the list the iOS, Android, and PC has more games coming to it from TGS. Yet people are taking the story title and turning it into a diversity conversation. Real diversity is on iOS, Android, and PC... PS4 is fourth...

Japanese is not a genre. Japanese are the game developers. Typcially, Japanese make RPGs, action hack 'n' slash games, and adventure (storybook) games.

FYI. I do not live in the USA. So no they are not the world.

If you are going to talk about diversity you have to show why it is diverse. I'm not asking for a full list, but I did specify where I saw in the info provided that diversity was lacking... Strategy and Platforming.

Where did I say the games weren't relevant or adding to diversity?

People are sitting here talking about the diversity but yet not showing diversity.

BitbyDeath1549d ago


Board games offer more diversity than mobile games.
PC is leagues above them, same with PS4.

DarXyde1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

"Also, a lot of the TGS games never make it outside of Japan. TGS is mostly for the Asian crowd."

Well, then it's a great thing the PS4 is region free.

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Strikepackage Bravo1549d ago

No one will see most of these games outside Japan, or at all. How many release dates did we get? Can we keep some perspective here? Why does every piece of marketing drivel Sony slithers out have to be mindlessly hyped to no end around here, what are you people trying to prove? Truth is we saw the same thing with PS3 and everyone I know with one played their 360s most of the time while PS3 collected dust. They then ran out and bought PS4s as soon as it dropped because the much hyped massive game library on PS3 never happened.

suckingeggs1549d ago

The massive gaming library on ps3 never happened?

excuse me a moment


...cough.. ok Im back

miyamoto1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Okay. I want all you extremist Xboxers to stay that way. Stay clueless and clearly have no idea of the lifestyle the diverse multi-cultural and multi-racial PlayStation Nation of gamers in America and around the world have. And chances are, neithet does Microsoft.

It's just common sense: why would Japan even make these games if no one is playing them all these times? Just because you xboxers don't like these games does not mean no one is buying them in America. You guys don't know how big the import market in NA is. Law of supply and demand.

1549d ago
SaladSnake1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Everyone you know? Wow. I know lots of people who don't own either. /S

I only own ps4 this gen as its clearly the better console (I owned 360 and ps3), but you're blind if you think it's only in Japan. You, my kind sir, seem to be caught in the ps4 headlights.

Leaguer1549d ago

see kids, if you have any doubt what the statement "never go full retard" actually means, just use Strikepackage Bravo's post for reference. it pretty much summarizes everything that needs to be explained.... /smh

q8kik1549d ago


All the retail games that are available for the west for both last gen consoles

360 has 90~

PS3 has 160~

MS never hit the triple digit mark when it came to their retail exclusive library.

Now for the retail games for the current gen consoles
(Available to the west)

PS4 has 25

XB1 has 10

For late 2015/2016 and beyond AKA the Upcoming titles

PS4 will have 51 games + 20 games that might come to the west

Xb1 will have 12 including the none localization confirmed titles.

We're looking at 76 VS 22 Confirmed for WESTERN release RETAIL titles by the end of 2017.

"Never happened"

No my friend, it happens every gen when it comes down to Playstation VS Xbox exclusives.

PS always has more games
PS always has better scoring games
PS always has more diversity.

These are facts.

JMyers1549d ago

The massive game library on PS3 never happened? What are you talking about? The PS3 has more than double exclusive franchises than thr competition. Notbeveb counting Japanese games. Many of these are new IPs too, and not rehashes of the same game every 2 years. Any comparison will show this. From PS1 to PS4 Sony brings diversity and investment. Its never the shooter box only... And will never be. This is a good thing. Indies, JRPGs, new IPs, exclusives, nich games...? Everett generation.

The_BlackHeart__1549d ago

The PS3's exclusive games library is not only more extensive than the 360's. But also better rated and provides more variety.

#1 360 exclusive Halo 3 rated 94 -vs- #1 PS3 exclusive Uncharted 2 rated 96 - PS3 wins this round

#2 360 exclusive Gears or War 2 rated 93 -vs- #2 PS3 exclusive Little Big Planet rated 95 - PS3 wins this round

#3 360 exclusive Forza 3 rated 92 -vs- #2 PS3 exclusive The Last of Us rated 95 - PS3 wins this round

#4 360 exclusive Halo Reach rated 91 -vs- #4 PS3 exclusive Metal Gear 4 rated 94 - PS3 wins this round

#5 360 exclusive Forza 4 rated 91 -vs- #5 PS3 exclusive God of War 3 rated 92 - PS3 wins this round

#6 360 exclusive Gears of War 2 rated 91 -vs- #6 PS3 exclusive Journey rated 92 - PS3 wins this round

#7 360 exclusive Trials Evolution rated 90 -vs- #6 PS3 exclusive Shadow of the Colossus HD rated 92 - PS3 wins this round

#8 360 exclusive Forza 2 rated 90 -vs- #6 PS3 exclusive Killzone 2 rated 91 - PS3 wins this round

We can continue as many rounds as you want, but the 360 doesn't have as many exclusives as the PS3 and the result will continue to be the same, PS3 defeated 360 in every single round.

You can also realize 2 things after analyzing the data

1) Not even the best 360 game is able to beat PS3's top 4

2) 360 best games are a combination of practically the same franchises.

If you need any proves please follow the links to the all time metacritic ratings for both consoles:

360 :

PS3 :

elarcadia1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

@miyamoto You stated, "You clearly have no idea of the lifestyle the diverse multi-cultural and multi-racial Playstation nation games in America and around the world have." I just want to stop you right there. You are branding all "Playstation Nation" as "multi-cultural and multi-nation", yet you hypocritically label all Xbox players as, more or less, racist and anti-cultural. No offense, but grouping ALL people into one group, oh let's just say "extremist Xboxers" as an example, is just as discriminatory as what you say "Playstation Nation" is against. As a proud Playstation player I am just going to say please think before you talk (or in this case, type).

snoopgg1549d ago

What a joke. Lol!!! Yeah, like the ps3 had no games. What are you smokin, pass it around.

MysticStrummer1549d ago

"everyone I know with one played their 360s most of the time while PS3 collected dust"

Everyone I know bought 360s first but ended up trading them in for PS3s because of the more diverse library of games.

"the much hyped massive game library on PS3 never happened"

In this dimension it most definitely did, not sure about what happened in the alternate universe you seem to be from.

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Magicite1549d ago

Anybody dares to say PS4 has no games still? In that case X1+WiiU are deserted by games.

S2Killinit1549d ago

That whole thing is utterly ridiculous. If things were the other way around we would be hearing "PS4 has no games". Its crazy how good MS twists the gullible into thinking something even though the truth is a matter of a google search. Believe me, as long as MS money pays for articles to be written, there will be people who buy into the marketing.

Haru1549d ago

No wonder Microsoft choose to skip TGS, they would get crushed by Sony's giant lineup of games and exclusives, beside Scalebound I don't think there are any other japanese games coming to xbone

kenshiro1001549d ago

Welp, I guess the PS4 has no games. /s

showtimefolks1549d ago

but but ps4 has no games

oh ps4 has games but those are niche title

oh but no one cares about JRPG's

bottom line ps4 has the most games especially compared to xbox one. can't change facts

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Eonjay1549d ago

Thats another reason why its doing well. So many games. More than anyone could actually play. But that variety makes everyone happy I guess.

Justiceleague1549d ago

"But that variety makes everyone happy I guess". Isn't that the reason to have a gaming console? Variety and diversity? I think Sony knows how important it is to the gamer's.

Eonjay1549d ago

They literally have games for all tastes so yeah. Its the PlayStation!

riseer231549d ago

This reminds me of the Ps1/Ps2 era for sure.Sony made a piece of hardware that can can speed up development time and make developing the game much easier.

Septic1549d ago


Minus a decent racer but yeah, I'm seeing PS2 level of mad variety.

r2oB1549d ago

@ septic

A backhanded compliment, how typical.

Sony still has two more conferences. It would be funny if they announced GT7 as a 2016 release title at Paris (considering racing is big in Europe). Wonder if that happens, would you use bbq sauce or honey mustard to enhance the taste of your foot, or would your taste buds prefer them bare.

BTW, Driveclub is, at the very least, a decent racer.

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Strikepackage Bravo1549d ago

Oh stop, variety is just code for, a bunch of low budget indie games no one wants to play. XB360 had the same thing in XBL arcade and it did nothing for them; and similarly it has nothing to do with why PS4 is doing so well now.

1549d ago
Strikepackage Bravo1549d ago

OK fine, not all are indie, some are low budget non indies niche games no one wants to play. Ive never seen a console with so many games, yet still has nothing to play. This stuff only flies when you have a balance of AAA games to round things out. If all your going to get is crap that could just as easily run on PS3, or even an Ipad, then why do i need to buy a PS4?

etownone1549d ago

"if all your going to get is crap that could just as easily run on PS3, or even an Ipad, then why do i need to buy a PS4?"

Well said.
I got both... And until Uncharted 4 releases... My ps4 will just collect dust. Xbox one has the exclusives I'll be buying this holiday season.

1549d ago
cannon88001549d ago

Strikepackage Bravo, please, just come out of the closet already and admit that you are a Microsoft fanboy. I just skimmed over your comment history and all you write is compliments for Microsoft and complaints for Sony.

MysticStrummer1549d ago

Take a look at BlackHeart's comment above and learn why you seem so silly right now.

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Magicite1549d ago

Thats why PS4 is nearing 55% market share.

Eiyuuou1549d ago

So... I guess a "PS4 has no games right? /s" joke would be fitting now, right?

madmonkey011549d ago

I knew someone would post this!

nix1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

i came here to post this.. q:

Not to forget - "nobody plays these japanese games!!!"
And - "But have you freaking seen Scalebound?"

XanderZane1549d ago

Sony always has a lot of games to show. The problem with Sony is many of these games are 1-3 years out. They put a 2016 release date on many of these games, but we know full well that a bunch of these will slip into 2017 and beyond. It always happens. They did list some for 2015 and I'm hoping they aren't for Japan only. I'm hype for all the games, but I'm realistic and knowing that I may have to wait awhile to play many of these. I hope For Honor, NiOh and Hot Shots Golf come out in the first half of 2016. These are must have games to me.

kenwonobi1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Even if what you say is partially true. You do know that means on top of these games even more games already in development are gonna be shown at E3 at next years TGS. Adding to the total that will be available real soon or years ahead. It just keeps stacking games. Some are being made right now we haven't even been announced yet.

NewAgeisHere1549d ago

How dare you suggest PS4 has games when we all know it has no games...only indies:):):)

nix1549d ago


i put that there for your safety. q:

shammgod1549d ago

nice, now i need to find a way to add 4 more hours to every day, then i will be set!

my backlog is already calling my name!

1549d ago