The BBC’s Grand Theft Auto Drama, ‘The Gamechangers’, Really Wasn’t Very Good

The BBC spectacularly blew what was their one chance to really celebrate this British-born phenomenon.

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wheresmymonkey1547d ago

I totally agree. It was bloody awful. The fact that it basically cast Jack Thompson as the hero of the piece just made it all the more annoying.

Zepherite1546d ago

For the most part, Jack Thompson was cast as a religious nutcase on a personal crusade against something he doesn't understand in my opinion. The only time he was allowed to look human was when taking to his son.

Houser was definitely the 'hero' he was just portrayed as a flawed genius.

It wasn't the best show in the world but is was pretty entertaining. Not sure really what all the fuss is about.

TheSaint1546d ago

Didn't expect it to be good to be honest.

BBC are going downhill.

Immorals1546d ago

If it wasn't for Doctor Who, Sherlock and a few other shows, I'd have cancelled my TV licence already!

hells_supernova1546d ago

I really do not understand why anyone enjoys doctor who but each to their own. After top gear collapsed that was me done

IrishSt0ner1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

You would get fined £1000, you have to pay the licence in the UK if:

"you use a TV, computer, tablet, mobile phone, games console, digital box, DVD/VHS recorder or any other device."

donwel1546d ago

The beeb has been going down the crapper for a while now mate. The only time I ever watch it is for the Rugby League highlights and the challenge cup. The rest of it is pretty much garbage.

TheSaint1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Don't forget Match of the Day. That's still good, if you like a real sport.

lol, just kidding!

TheSaint1545d ago


You only have to pay it if you actually watch TV on those devices.

If you can prove you don't you don't have to pay, it's all on the website.

Perjoss1546d ago

When it comes to British gaming TV content forget the BBC, Channel 4 did an excellent docu called "How Videogames Changed the World" with Charlie Brooker, I highly recommend it to anyone who likes gaming.

here is a low quality link:
I'm sure there's a better quality version somewhere out there.