Metal Gear Solid V’s Quiet is a wasted opportunity for a more interesting character.

Reid Writes: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is probably my least favourite entry to Kojima Productions’ venerable action series. There are many reasons for this, from its repetitive mission design to the fragmented, poorly paced story, but it’s the character of Quiet who stands out amongst the games’ many flaws. A crack sniper who joins up with Snake as a mission support member, Quiet is the latest in a long line of female Metal Gear characters whose visual design is meant, first and foremost, to titillate players.

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MysticStrummer1542d ago

There are characters more wasted than Quiet in this game. Skullface, the Man on Fire, Mantis… compared to them Quiet is deeply nuanced, but why are we talking about her instead of them? Boobs. Humans are silly.

Still love this game though. I can't stop playing for long without thinking about what I did recently or what I might do next. So many great moments, all created spontaneously, not scripted. I think it's amazing, but I do wish the story had been closer to the older games. Despite that it might be my favorite of them, or at least tied with MGS3.

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killbillvolume121542d ago

My goodness the author really needs to watch the newest episode of south park :D. You PC, Bro?

WitWolfy1542d ago

The whole game was a wasted opportunity IMO.

zidane13411542d ago

Hell no. It's not perfect, sure. But if you honestly think that you need to open your eyes and realize that while it has flaws, it's still very very good. Complete game being wasted opportunity? Hah!

slappy5081542d ago

There just aren't that many intersting characters period,. compare them to characters in previous MGS games like Otacon, Deep Throat, Meryl , sniper wolf etc ( I did put quiet in sniper wolf's costume tho!) that's because you get very few opportunities to interact with the other characters, so far the only way I got to know Emerick was listening to his interrogation tapes!!

goldwyncq1542d ago

It's clear that the cassette tapes are meant to replace the codec calls, which is a shame.

morganfell1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Not only that but a great deal of character development comes through cutscenes - the very thing people have screamed about more than any other feature. Look at the Metal Gear Solid 4 articles. People caterwauling over the cutscenes. Yet look at that game as an experience and it is phenomenal. People got what they wanted and now with V and they are aggravated. Or was it just the fact 4 was attacked because it was a PS3 title...

The article above was a wasted opportunity for a more interesting read.

Muadiib1542d ago

There should be an award for most overrated game of the year, mogoty if you will and this game would win it hands down.

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The story is too old to be commented.