Kingdom Hearts III Release Possibly 2017

Did you preorder Kingdom Hearts 3? Chances are you received a similar e-mail with a more realistic release date!

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Eonjay1124d ago

Yes I received the email but the date seems totally random. And why now?

Abash1124d ago

Consideing KH2.8 is a 2016 game, KHIII in 2017 is completely expected. It was only announced at E3 2013 and SE took around the same time to make KHII

Spenok1124d ago

Not to mention FFXV coming out some time next year. It's highly unlikely they would pit 2 of their biggest games against each other. Also not to mention the game just went through a massive overhaul with the new engine and all. 2017 makes the most sense to me. I've been saying this since the re-reveal at E3.

Magicite1124d ago

If FF15 comes out in 2016, SE can add more resources to KH3 and FF7RE and speed up production.

Eonjay1124d ago

I really hope so. I want KH3 more than any other game.

Justiceleague1124d ago

They got to release FF15 first lol

MegaRay1124d ago

Its obliviously an 2017 title. Just hope its early 2017.

elarcadia1124d ago

It is Square Enix. As much as I love SE games, they do have a tendency to "pre-announce" in, get everyone excited and then finally release them 5 years later. A pre-announcement for the actual announcement. Haha.

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AizenSosuke1124d ago

2017 sounds good because there are too many games for 2016:)

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The story is too old to be commented.